The 2014 Boilermaker Shadow Run In Kuwait #kuwait #q8 #boilmakershadow

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While the 2014 Boilermaker road race here in the Utica area has already been run, the 2014 Boilermaker Shadow Run will happen next month in Kuwait. What a great way for our military who couldn’t be here for the race to be part of the Boilermaker while serving overseas.The Shadow Run, which had to be cancelled earlier this summer due to high temperatures, is scheduled to take place on August 2nd at Camp Buerhing in Kuwait.


Temperatures in Kuwait during the summer can be quite extreme, typically reaching to 110 degrees Fahrenheit by noon.

The 2014 Boilemaker Shadow Run has an early start to beat the high heat, although is still could be as warm as 90 degrees early in the morning.   5am start for the 15k and a 5:05 am start for the 5k.

This is the seventh shadow run the Boilermaker has supported for  military overseas. Three in Iraq and three in Afghanistan since 2008. The Boilermaker sent them a start/finish banner which Shadow runners sign and send back. They’ve also sent them Boilermaker “chill towels’ which will help them keep cool.

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  1. Solomon Dean says:

    How can I join?

  2. Me also want join but how?n how much?

  3. I like join , but how to join

  4. Jack Ryan says:

    wow How I wish to join the run but I dont know how
    I am in Kuwait

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