New Conditions for expats for driving license , Kuwait

November 26, 2014109 Comments

KDLThe new conditions also include age, health fitness, passing driving tests conducted by the traffic department, holding a valid iqama for at least two years prior to application, holding a university degree and receiving a minimum monthly salary of KD 600.

Some proposals to amend the conditions for obtaining driving licenses, which will be announced following the completion of the drafting and adoption. (29.08.2015)

The decision identifies the groups which are exempted from the above mentioned conditions:
Source : ArabTimes 

1- Non-Kuwaiti women who are married to Kuwaiti men, non-Kuwaiti women who are widows or divorcees of Kuwaiti men and with children.

2- Non-Kuwaiti men married to Kuwaiti women and their children.

3- Bedouns who hold valid security card.

4- Students provided they are registered in any of the universities or applied institutes in Kuwait.

5- Expatriate housewives who have children provided that their husbands are eligible to obtain driving license and exempted from the period of residence and salary (Judges, members of the public prosecution, consultants and experts) and those exempted from the condition of period of stay (general managers and their deputies, irrespective of their job description).

6- Members of the diplomatic corps.

7- Professional players in the clubs and sports federations in government sector.

8- Drivers, general company representatives (Mandoubs) and Mandoubs solely in charge of passports and issues concerning the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor who hold valid driving license issued from their countries of origin or any other country.

9- Domestic worker who serves in the same position for at least five years in a row under the same sponsor and decides to change the profession to a driver.

10- Nursing staff and specialists of natural treatment and all categories of technicians in the medical field.

11- Pilots, captains, and their assistants.

12- Undertakers

The decision exempts some categories of persons from the period of residence and salary condition:

1- Judges, members of Public Prosecution, consultants and experts.

2- Teaching staff in the universities and applied institutes.

3- Journalists and media practitioners

4- Doctors, pharmacists and engineers

5- Teachers and social specialists

6- Researchers irrespective of their job description, legal practitioners, translators, librarians, Imams of mosques who are working in government authorities.

7- Sports trainers working in sports federations and clubs in the government authorities

The decision exempts also some groups from the condition of period of residence as follows:

1- General Managers and their assistants irrespective of their job description

2- Managers irrespective of their job description

3- Accountants irrespective of their job description

4- Mandoubs irrespective of their job description The decision cancels the driving license of a driver, general company representative (Mandoub), the Mandoub for passports, and Mandoub for affairs of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor once he cancels the residence or changes the profession by which he obtained the driving license, and he will not be issued a new driving license unless he waits for two years from the date the previous license was canceled and follows new procedures.

It is worthy of note the driving license will be canceled once the holder changes the profession by which he obtained it, particularly if the new job title is not included in the list of professions entitled to a driving license.

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  7. Uzma Siraj says:

    Why is a university degree required for driving licence?.. what has this got to do?

  8. Stupid law this if cancels licens who is drive for them

  9. Hey u Mustafa now reply can u drive in Indian roads I challenge u openly

  10. All these rules will disappear once the expat numbers drop to a critical level, the country cant work without expats .

  11. All these rules will disappear once the expat numbers drop to a critical level, the country cant work without expats .

  12. Shamim Haider Every one will.

  13. Shamim Haider Every one will.

  14. Still better the sunny leone and always talk about majority u idiot

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  18. Oanali Ujjainwala Ur visas does not closes coz women n men of ur country comes here as slaves in kuwaiti houses and take there balls in mouth. thats not what respectable countries do. After all Endians r famous in the world for only 1 thing. SHOWING OF UR WOMENS ON TV IN SHORT CLOTHS.(BOLLYWOOD). WE R PROUD TO B RESPECTABLE. SHAME ON U

  19. Kuwait…… very gud… keep it up

  20. hahahaha…egree…. also pay 600 KD fine of BBQ …and we are all exodus form Kuwait….. better

  21. I have Indian driving license please let me know that, can i get kuwait licence excempt above

  22. 600kd for Kuwaitis, dude the basic pay of a fresher Kuwaiti starts from 1000/1200kd per month

  23. If some one have driver khadim akama n he chenge the 18 akama as salesman so wht license is cancle or not he has 8.9 yrs old license

  24. Alosh Ali says:

    Does the degree condition apply for driver visa too ?

  25. Who made a planning of roads and bridges in 1984 ,gave green light up to 2014—- of 30 time is up..what to do…all what they have to stop selling new cars and give a experimental 150 cc and above motorbikes to drive on same car lincese..automatically space will reduce and traffic jam also reduce.but all laws applies ….mark my advice…but who will tie a bel to cat..!!!!

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  27. Sudha Kar says:

    Kuwait government not under control

  28. Hamza ji kab se tu kuwaiti na jayez awlaad ban gaya.