Sleeping on the footpath in Jleeb , Kuwait

November 26, 20146 Comments

Quoted from “Legal Clinic” from ArabTimes
Source : ArabTimes

“We are 12 Indians who 3 months ago signed in company in Shuwaikh at KD 160 salary but the company is now paying us only KD 80. We are working very long hours and also being manhandled.

Recently, the company mandoop (representative) came to our room and forced us to vacate it. He also kicked one of the men in the stomach when the latter was sleeping.

Now we are sleeping on the footpath in Jeleeb, so please help us to go back home.

Name withheld
: We, being a newspaper can’t help send you home but we can — through this column — bring the matter to the notice of the people concerned. In the meantime you should take the following three steps:

1. Report the matter to the Indian Embassy in Kuwait and they can take up the matter at a very senior level.

2. File a case with the police in your area if you are being manhandled and have been forcibly evicted from your rooms.

3. File a complaint with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs through the Labor office in your area.

All the above three steps will help you not only alleviate your problems but will also get you justice. It might also help you stay in the country and get a job with some other company because Kuwait has become very strict on the issue of human rights and the authorities will help ensure that your are not mistreated nor robbed of your rights.”

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  1. I have lived for 14 years in all over middle east working as a Software Engineer (Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman) before becoming a Canadian Citizen. There is no dignity of labor/human justice found. You get respect only if you are highly educated or rich, otherwise the expats are looked down! No human rights at all…This is the truth.

  2. They are poor people you are not afraid maybe allah kick you just only a second.

  3. Tell them to go to any IPC office! Maybe they can help temporarily??

  4. This is not human activity. Islam also forbide about this misdeed. They are poor people came here for search food.

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