Largest Operation of the history on expats

January 22, 2015145 Comments


Plan on the wide scale to arrest the more than 100,000 residence and labor law violators, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to Al-Jarrah the ministry will track down these violators during the campaign which he said will be the largest in the history of the Ministry of Interior.

Al-Jarrah said the Indians top the list with 25,000; Bangladeshis come in second place with 20,000; followed by Sri Lankans 15,000; Egyptians 7,000; Filipinos 6,700; Syrians 5,250; Pakistanis 2,500; Iranians 1, 750 and Iraqis 1,300.

Al-Jarrah stressed those who shelter the violators will be held legally responsible and called on the violators to correct their status.

Source : ArabTimesarabtimes


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  1. Rock Dove says:

    Enough kuwait, were u not d one bring those people to do ur dirty work for u? Then i may ask why re u catching them, u better stop d sponsorship it not helping d expats. Stop intimidating them, let them go forward to they own visas.

  2. Thay have rights but why kuwait government accept that low.
    Everyone now about that Kuwaiti need money for renewal iqamah.why kuwait government not ban to him.
    Leave the root needed cut to branches.
    automatically low violators will be removed.

  3. Yasir Ali says:

    Kuwait in Where is laber law our sherka in 160 people malaf is closed 71. kuwaeti say i no need sherka no need to people …

  4. i know everything stop pretending poor mama..ok

  5. i include coz i been der…noob…y u react…poor mama…

  6. Kuwait is a SLAVE COUNTRY which rapes women, kills the maids, sleeps with the tea boys and goes to Dubai and drinks alcohol and refuses to pay the bill. I lived there from 2010-2012 and see it all.

  7. To all the people in Kuwait ? The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure that all your paperwork is correct and up to date in everything. Make sure your passports are valid and Visa paper work. Make sure you always have them in your possession. The only person that can take care of this is yourself.
    Good Luck.

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  9. Allan Quarterman, too many explainations! But "still" i dont get your point! Maybe you should shorten your explaination for us to understand what you're trying to fight! Goodluck! 😉

  10. mr robin or my foot ur dont use the words like this about anyone. come to me i ll show you bitches from ur country are available anytime.

  11. They are violators not because they are standing their humanrights…they are violators because they dont have their visa…they are runaways because to some they wanting higher salary after they got their visa were in fact the salary they have has been discuss by the company and the employee were the employee accepted… they go for a sideline or work 2 jobs with different employers were in this country do not allow.

  12. Looking for a higher salary will not fall in this category…because we have a rules in applying for job …1 is to research about the company and the salary…in fact that you accept the salary meant you agree…so the company will take you…. now because the company gave you visa already meansyou are extending your stay here but not necessarily you have to.look for a new job of the same area or the same kind bwcause someonetold you or you found out late that there is another company who gave higjer salary for the same kind of work ..after they gave you a new visa…an employee should abbed their new contract.

  13. Only with out bataka arrested or work out side arrested ?

  14. Allan Quartermane, do you think what your saying is not a human rights? All of us are longing for a higher salary…and for sure you're one of us!

  15. Allah give mercy يا الله رحم

  16. The article illuminates the inherent racism which pervades much of Kuwaiti society. Why does the author and by implication, the authorities differentiate by nationality?

  17. They must take action against their sponsor(kuwaiti) in most cases they asking big amount for renew the residents permit and they think foreigners are there slaves…………….!!!!!!!!!!!? Big? ??? On them.

  18. Moiz Khan says:

    Well they should… its because of the illegal residents, ones who aren't are unnecessarily dragged in the commotion.

  19. You have a point also Nsubuga Ali Bashir , but sometime some people also won't to grab the opportunity.

  20. Amnesty has already done 5 years ago if im not mistaken…but still there are still too much people who violates the law of this country…. they are not targeting the locals only tbe expats…..because if they did there were also too much local employers who violates their law in expense of the expats