‘No Visa Ban On India Labour’ Kuwait

December 15, 201414 Comments

Ambassador to Kuwait Sunil Jain has denied reports
as ‘speculation’ that the government of Kuwait has stopped importing labor from India in protest against a Indian government decision requiring employers of Indian female domestic workers to pay a $2,500 bank guarantee with the Indian Embassy, reports Annahar daily.

The Ambassador said this in response to a query from the media on the sidelines of the condolence meeting for martyr Palestinian Minister Zeyad Abu Ain at the Palestinian Embassy in Kuwait.

The ambassador went on to say the negotiations are continuing to solve this delicate issue. The ambassador said, “Don’t believe anything that has been published by the mass media on this issue because it is untrue. “We have good relations with Kuwait and our discussions continue with Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” he said.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. Already ban your DH worker!

  2. I Think with in a few days kuwait dhinar value because get down …..it's true that's way they want to eliminating genius countries worker's

  3. Good news for all Indians

  4. This is the most misleading headline to an article i have ever seen. Is there ANYTHING besides speculation or heresay here? Who writes these articles? Monkeys?

  5. Dew Drop says:

    Specially the gulf country this rule shud b out by indian govt tht the Indian passport shud b wid Indian embassy contract paper shud b made thro embassy then de indian r save an der life are save I dnt trust the kuwaiti

  6. Dew Drop says:

    I feel it's no use of callin worker on labour viza bcoz the kuwaiti will torture more bcoz dey pay money to embassy if indian govt issue a rule tht the Indian go to othr country on job the passport shud b will indian embassy then I feel it will b save

  7. What is mean by about news frnds

  8. thats right exactly same i m going through for my wife now a days. there is nothing according to best xray doctor in city but GAMCA approved diagnostic centers r doing unfair to report. so this is serious issue pls look into this matter sir.

  9. I hope they amicably solve the issue of GAMCA. They consider even a small scar from cold as TB. This is clear violation of human rights. It isn't leprosy that one becomes untouchable. They need to realise a person having active TB or any contagious disease can travel on visit visa or go for umrah or haj without medical and can infect thousands of citizens. The regulations are outdated and need a serious revision. It is our moral responsibility not to infect others if we have a contagious disease, but if there is nothing y such regulations ????

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