New “Multi Visa” for Kuwait

January 11, 201522 Comments


 New features in the residency law for expatriates, such as introduction of new visa called the ‘Multi visa’ which will be granted for a full year or for few months depending on the academic certificates and specializations.

This kind of visa will be beneficial for professionals such as doctors, engineers and legal advisers who desire to visit the country at the request of institutions and large companies. He explained that the visitor, with such a visa, can enter the country any time throughout the duration of the visa.

Source : ArabTimes
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  1. Hating u kuwaitisssssss more n more n more than more … hating u fo not opening family visa or not lifting of ban on pakistani… living alone in pakistan, with two little kids….. hatingggggg u kuwaitisssssss :@… Allahhhhhh please

  2. please anybody can tell me is these opened visa for pakistan or not ?

  3. I think this news does not discuss the visa relaxations for Pakistani in any capacity whether some one is Dr, lawyer or Engineer but If someone have the complete picture or proper information he/she must clarify the situation………….

  4. how did you persumed it is about Pakistan? I think this news does not discuss the lifting of ban on Pakistani in any capacity ………….

  5. Thank to visa open the pakistan to the open visa kuwait

  6. Younas Jan says:

    one of my relative is in kuwait since 2004 he says me last night that all kind of visa will be open inshallah in this month as the government say about..

  7. Open the visa pakistan.?

  8. Can open bangladesh visa

  9. Wow give the visa and take the man than again sand the man her country.. so intaresting busnisss of kuwait sponsar or company wow..

  10. What about bangladeshi visa

  11. I think we have to forget this toppic and better we have to settle back in our country if we have sources.

  12. I think we have to forget this toppic and better we have to settle back in our country if we have sources.

  13. Hina Ali says:

    Thanks fir ipening visa

  14. sub mi k dua kea kro ya k open ho ey

  15. kea pakistan k ey kuwait open nhi ho rhy koi btao dey ga

  16. What about the family visa for Bangladishi.

  17. Saad Meer says:

    Hahaha they couldn't mentioned Pakistan in there post lol

  18. Shoaib Gul says:

    What about family visa for pakistanis?

  19. thanks openening visa for pakistan. docor and engineer. it is great benefit for pakistani

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