Visit visas free for 3 months in a year (via Arabtimes)

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Visit visas will be free for three months in a year after which fees will be imposed for any further visits, as the current law on visit visa can be easily manipulated. Regarding increasing the fees for residence permits, he affirmed that the ministry will tackle the issue after organizing the regulations governing issuance of visit and dependent visas. However, he agreed that the fees for residence permits have not been changed for almost 50 years, clarifying that the fees for the residence permits of housemaids for Kuwaiti citizens will not be changed. When asked about the objections raised by some embassies and lawmakers regarding the fines imposed on expatriates who have not informed immigration departments about the updated data of their passports, Sheikh Al-Jarrah said, “This is the country’s sovereignty right.

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  1. Let me know that does it in cloud pakistani ,???

  2. When will they start the rules for visiting VISA free for 3 month is that after we bring them it will be extended after finishing the three month of visa expires Pls let us know tks Fr this information.

  3. Abu Naser says:

    Good news,but my question is for All cruntry or some cruntry?

  4. with out any proper information the telephone sellers are issuing post paid mobile lines are giving any nationals who is having civil id himself or others

  5. Guys mention for expat means to say for any country…. Excerpt

  6. Does it include Nigerians

  7. its really good news.thnx to kuwait govt.

  8. Fizzi Khan says:

    can visit visas r also open ?

  9. Isa Garba says:

    Does this include Nigerians

  10. Nasir Kazi says:

    Apply for family visa if ur sallry more than 250 kd

  11. Noria Nor says:

    How much I spend money if I apply visiting visa!how!and where!!!

  12. I'm waiting 6/7years I want to get my familly here.ya rob allahu musta'an?

  13. Im willing and interested how to avail this???

  14. For pakistani ll eat pizza pizza

  15. I think for every one because they did't mention countries.

  16. Good news barkllahe fi kuwait

  17. Is this for which countries ? Let us know please

  18. We r Special people, I think our visa will never open 🙁

  19. Plz information for bangladeshi visit visa

  20. How we can contact this pleas lat me know call 0096569334267

  21. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah

    I am an Indian and I want to get my mom here to give her all the comforts available here

    I miss her

  22. Pakistan Visa
    But. Pakistan pizza

  23. Malik Naif says:

    Asslam o alliekum all dear Muslim. Its good news

  24. Does this include pakistanis?

  25. Is VESA for Pak. Open?

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