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New rule for visit visa for wives and children

September 17, 20181 Comment

Assistant Undersecretary for National and Passport Affairs Maj Gen Faisal Al-Nawaf (MOI) issued a circular granting three months visit visa for expats wives and children on humanitarian grounds and will have positive effect on local market.

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Salary Cap For Visit Visa

September 6, 20152 Comments

Quoted from ArabTimes (To whome it may converns) Continue Reading &raquo

Visit visas free for 3 months in a year (via Arabtimes)

December 28, 201446 Comments

Visit visas will be free for three months in a year after which fees will be imposed for any further visits, as the current law on visit visa can be easily manipulated. Regarding increasing the fees for residence permits, he affirmed that the ministry will tackle the issue after organizing the regulations governing issuance of visit and dependent visas. Continue Reading &raquo

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