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September 6, 20152 Comments

Quoted from ArabTimes (To whome it may converns)

We have been following your Legal Clinic column as it’s been carrying very useful information. We appreciate your efforts. Could you kindly advise us on the below. My brother stays in Kuwait and his salary is KD 250… he wanted to obtain a visit visa for his immediate family member. He approached the visa issuing authority in Kuwait with a valid relationship certificate (issued by Embassy of India in Kuwait). But the officials said to obtain a visit visa the minimum salary should be KD 350… is this right?

Name withheld

Answer: So far, there has been no official announcement on any increase in the visit visa salary cap and it remains KD 250. It is possible that the salary cap could have been increased without an official announcement but all reports so far suggest that the increase which has been sought is just a proposal.

Quoted from ArabTimes


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  1. Ali Adnan says:

    No official announcement, this is Kuwait, every Govt office has its own rules and regulations, it's not necessary for them to announce.

  2. I want bring(visit visa) here my waif how many month she can stay in kuwait

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