Visa validity conditional to passport’s

December 18, 201427 Comments

passledMinistries has affirmed that the ministry insists on activating the articles of the law related to expatriates in Kuwait particularly Article 15 which links the validity of the expatriates’ residence permits to the validity of their passports, reports Al-Rai daily.

By Ayed Al-Enezi and Jaber Al-Hamoud

Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

Source :  Arabtimes

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  1. If lost pasport but still valid its ok.. but must make new passport before expire

  2. First of all the ministry should implemend fine on kuwaities who r illegaly holdind the experts passports before putting fines on experts i remember one of my friend was deported because the sponser hold his passport and took 550kd from him to make visa n closed his phone ,can the ministry tell me here whos fault ,and is it not illegal against their law to take money for making visa

  3. Where is media. Having no words on this act

  4. All effective foreigners having fines 100 times their salaries

  5. I think this is against the foreign protective policy. Human rights commission has to taken the notice on it

  6. Even my friends also pay fines more than 300kd

  7. Even yesterday when I get to moi they write to my papers that to pay fine. I think Arab times is on mistaken. Please help

  8. I saw a lot of people still paying too much fines

  9. See this country??! All kinds of stupid law they are implementing! But on their own kuwaiti nationality they just ignor all of their hidden bad issue specially their natural atitude! KUWAIT DONT HAVE HUMANITARIAN!!!!!

  10. Is this law already approved?

  11. I think you'll are lost in brain.

  12. Does anyone know how to validate passport . Which webpage is designed for this purpose.

  13. You guys won't miss an opportunity

  14. Hahahaha Good thinking

  15. All u have to do is renew ur passport thats it!! Centido comon seniorito!! U talk too much read it first..

  16. Imran Khan says:

    Kuwait is not a peaceful place, better quit

  17. I don't know whos is make law mindless people

  18. Llloollll , just luk ur decision wht u said acting director , hahahahah

  19. Better throw out all expatriates and let the kuwaitis do all the work rather than harassing the expatriates by making this mindless laws

  20. I think you'll are lost in brain.

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  22. If passport falls in h20 will the visa be considered wet

  23. If passport lost, will Visa b concisered as Lost?????

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