Hundreds of prisoners to be deported

March 15, 20200 Comments

Security sources at the Ministry of Interior revealed that the inmates in the central prison are safe after the ministry had taken all the health precautionary measures recommended by the Ministry of Health to ensure their safety and that the infection of corona virus may not be passed on to each other.

The sources said that the new prisoners are placed in a special place and do not mix with the old prisoners, they are examined periodically to check on their health conditions. The ministry deported some residence violators before the flight ban decision came into effect on Friday midnight with coordination of civil aviation to deport other 350 this week.

The Investigation Department officials of the General Administration of Residency Affairs referred 450 expatriates in violation of residence law and work affairs to the prison administration are in preparation for their deportation from the country as soon as possible on special aircraft after completing their files and coordinating with their country’s embassies.

The sources stated that the violators were referred to the deportation center in batches as preventive measures not to be infected by coronavirus.

The sources added that some prisoners will be released who have a been pardoned previously or those who have conditional release or have cases which the prosecution considered to release from prison. Some hundreds will be released by this weekend and after the approval of the concerned authorities.

Source : Arabtimes

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