28,780 tickets issued in 7 days

August 30, 20170 Comments

Traffic crackdown: General Department of Public Relations and Security Media at Ministry of Interior revealed that the General Traffic Department carried out several traffic campaigns in all governorates of the State of Kuwait during the period from Aug 20 to 26.

In a press statement issued by the ministry, the department explained that 28,780 traffic citations were issued, 1,166 vehicles and one motorbike were impounded, 74 people were detained in traffic custody for committing serious offenses, and four expatriates were referred for deportation as they were caught driving without a license.

The department stressed the need for road users to adhere to the traffic rules and regulations to ensure the safety of all.

It affirmed the continuity of its awareness campaigns in cooperation with various mass media including social media in order to achieve the desired goals.

Source : Arabtimes

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