Traffic Violation fine 200 KWD

November 27, 20160 Comments

The extreme campaign adopted by General Traffic Department (GTD) against law violators will continue until safety and sanity return to the roads, reports Al-Shahed daily.

GTD led Major General Fahad Al Shuwe’i vowed to be tough against grave violations committed by citizens and expatriates such as excessive speeding, crossing the red traffic signal, stunting, and racing on roads.

The daily quoting sources added the department has since confiscated 3,000 number plates of vehicles for obstructing traffic in commercial streets and main roads and in front of universities, colleges and other commercial complexes.

The same sources noted the violation for excessive speeding and crossing red light will be increased to KD 200 after raising the fine of parking in spaces allotted for people with disabilities to KD 100. The new regulation will take effect within the first three months of 2017.

Source : Arabtimes

1: New Rule : 150 KD fine, Jail for 3 days and car impound for 3 months

2: Pay 5 KD fine and Civil ID will be cancelled

3: Residency fees and Traffic fines

4: Traffic offenses will be lifted from June 12 and Settle fines in one month

5: 100 KD fine and One month jail

6: 10000 KD fine and imprison of 6 Months for expatriate to use other channels

7: Fine range between KD 5 and KD 200 depending on the nature of offence

8: Study to increase the traffic fines by 50 to 100 percent

9: KD 100 fine for spitting on road

10: One month grace period to pay traffic fines

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