Wanna take a ride? …..The SeaBike has arrived in Kuwait!

June 11, 20160

Need to get from one side of the Gulf to another but can’t find a bridge nearby? No problem!

Cycling fanatics will be able to take their hobby to the water with a specially designed water bike also known as the SeaBike. A man with a big vision, a love of nature and a desire to change the way we enjoy our time outdoors, Mr Ahmed AlEssa, a native of Kuwait, is a pioneer in his field. AlEssa has the exclusive rights to the SeaBike (as commonly called) for Kuwait and the GCC and is working hard to make it a household name in our Arabian Gulf Sea. When I met with AlEssa and his wife Suzanne AlSaif, their stories about the SeaBike had me hooked immediately. “It is very environmentally friendly, it is safe  and stable in open water and the whole family can enjoy the SeaBike” shared AlSaif.  ” We enjoy the SeaBike with our children and it is very safe for them” said AlSaif.  The SeaBike is not a new concept for in sports and leisure recreation. It has been used in many countries globally and especially in Brazil and now it is making its way in the GCC.


The SeaBike is a human powered vehicle weighs just 20.5kg (45lb) thanks to its sleek aluminum frame. Twin oscillating propellers which move left and right eliminate the need for a rudder while the inflatable pontoons keep the rider afloat. And the bike can also go in reverse while on the water. One brand of SeaBike that AlEssa has brought to Kuwait and the GCC is the Schiller SeaBike. California-based sports company Schiller, prides itself on the environmentally friendly aspects of the SeaBike as well as the convenience of the SeaBike which can  be assembled or taken down within just ten minutes – and it is small enough to fit into a car or the trunk of the car.

3579c4e7-cd0b-4dfb-a311-93cc4be5932aAccording to founder and CEO of the Schiller SeaBike, Judah Schiller, “the idea was born out a love for biking and water sports.” He goes on to say, “with approximately one billion bikes built for land on a planet that is over two thirds water, the time had come for a revolution in cycling and water sports.” AlEssa is a man who understands the changing dynamics of Kuwait and sees well beyond the next few years. His idea to bring the SeaBike to Kuwait and the GCC is excellent and very advanced.

The second brand that AlEssa has in Kuwait and the GCC is the Chiliboats. The Chiliboats company born with the desire to offer innovative products that are compact, functional, clean and improve the people’s quality of life. Chiliboat’s history matches the story of its creators – Mateus and Izabelle. The couple met while studying aeronautical engineering at ITA (Technological Institute of Aeronautics) and since then they have participated in national and international competitions, from radio-controlled airplanes to human powered hydrofoil boats. The design and construction of various boats with different propulsion systems led to the development of technical know-how, which inspired the boats of Chiliboats – the Bikeboat (which is available in Kuwait and the GCC) come in the Up Model and Recumberent Model as detailed below:

  • Bikeboat (Up Model) is light and easy to use, drive and clean. It uses a compact and efficient drive unit which allows to reach high speed and to reverse.
  • Bikeboat (Recumbent Model) is light and easy to use, drive and clean. It uses a compact and efficient drive unit which allows to reach high speed and to reverse.


In a country where we are lucky to enjoy the sea at our fingertips, AlEssa saw a future for the SeaBikes here in Kuwait and the GCC. Inventions like the SeaBike need to have a home here as  is it environmentally friendly, therapeutic and gentle enough for people with bodily ailments that can not perform other exercise as well as family and child friendly.

For more information check out the Instagram account: @q8seabike 
By: Natasha E. Feghali

Natasha E. Feghali
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