The shape of any society becomes from the reflection of the artistic yardsticks of the poets

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The shape of any society becomes from the reflection of the artistic yardsticks of the poets, wordsmiths and litterateurs.

Kashif Kamal
Poet / Writer

The desert of Kuwait in each era glorifies and beautifies the Urdu literature through the eminence stars of wordsmiths and the litterateurs.

Mr. Kashif kamal is a known poet hailing from a fertile land of Faisalabad, Pakistan and very charismatic&vibrant member of the poetic fraternity, who is President Pakistan Awami Literary Society-Kuwait. His poetic book has already been published under name of: “MUHABAT WAHAM HA SHAIAD”. Which is being enjoyed respectably and honorably by the poets of the era and general public at large.

Mr. Kashif Kamal is considered a very respectable figurein poetic fraternity by his artistic style of submission, which is appreciated at large, whereas he knows the art very well how to present plus of the day of the commoner in a very simplistic way. His summative design about the feelings of the commoner of his society is well-known and generally considered as the fellowship of Habib Jalib.

Whereas he is also known as a poet of the feelings of indigenousness, loneliness and oppressiveness and sometimes the truthiness of the reflections of the grievances of the commoner made it gruffness.               

Mr. Kashif  kamal said that life is a name of continue struggle in true perspective and the poetic fame may be attained by doing it with faith and decline, wherein the poetry enables us for accountability and of course it is a name of the feelings filled with enchantment, which has deepest effectiveness in hearts at large of the listeners as well as the readers. Therefore, we should try to rebuild the society rather to build the tallest buildings.

He uttered furtherance there from, the need of the time is to undertake the poetic fun subjecting the highlights of pains of the commoners, evils of the society &classes of the society, economic and social deprivations, and ignoring the   for the reforming and refining towards a prosperous society that is our duty.

The Urdu language would continue playing its emphatic, vibrant and important role across the globe as poetry plays a very significant & prime role in living any language, wherein progress &promotion of Urdu language & literatures being undertaken in Pakistan and India at large, thereafter them the Kuwait is playing a very essential role, hence domestic and international poetic sessions are being organized very commonly, which is attracting the new poets.

The overseas poetic creativity filled with warmed feelings is very worth-full towards Urdu literature.

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