Video – Lion killed a Filipino Maid in Kuwait

December 12, 201479 Comments

Charges have been filed against the employer of the Filipina domestic helper in Kuwait who died days after she was attacked by the employer’s pet lion, a report on GMA News TV’s “Balitanghali” said Wednesday. The report said the Philippine embassy there has filed charges against the employer for negligence that led to the death of Lourdes Abejuela. Citing lawyer Raul Dado, the embassy’s charge d’affaires, the report said the two Kuwaiti siblings who are allegedly involved in the case have already been arrested. While they were allowed to post bail, the embassy said those responsible for the incident will be made accountable.

Source : GMA Network

Kuwait authorities have launched an investigation into the death of a Filipino maid after she was attacked by her employer’s pet lion.Minister of Health Dr Ali Al Obaidi, who has ordered the investigation, said legal procedures would be taken to deal with those accountable for the woman’s death.

Source : Arabian Business

A Filipino domestic helper died in Kuwait days after she was attacked by her employer’s pet lion, a report on “24 Oras” said Thursday.  The report said Lourdes Abejuela was brought to a hospital after she was attacked by the lion, which escaped from its cage, but she was immediately discharged. Quoting Abejuela’s friend, the report said the domestic helper, who had been working with the same employer for years, experienced headaches days after the discharge.

Source : GMN Network

Filipino embassy will proceed with the case and ask for KD 5,001 temporary compensation

Source : Arabtimes

Citing primetime news program 24 Oras, GMA News Online reported that “a Filipino domestic helper named Lourdes Abejuela died in Kuwait days after she was attacked by her employer’s pet lion.”  According to the report, “Abejuela was brought to a hospital after she was attacked by the lion, which escaped from its cage, but she was immediately discharged.”  However, a friend of the domestic helper said that “Abejuela experienced headaches days after the discharge.” Her employer brought her back to the hospital, but she died there on Wed, Dec 10.  Abejuela had been working for the employer who owned the lion for several years.

Source : Manila Coconut

A Filipina woman died two days after she was attacked by a lion inside a house in Sulaibikhat area and admitted in Sabah Hospital in critical condition. According to security sources, the medical report indicated that the housemaid was bitten by a wild animal after which she admitted in Sabah Hospital for treatment. Investigations revealed that she was attacked by a lion inside her sponsor’s house where the owner allegedly raises wild animals. During interrogations, the sponsor denied raising a lion in his house. A case has been registered and further investigations in this regard are ongoing.

Source : ArabTimes

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  1. Hala Yousef AL-Shayji LOL, you fucking idiot

  2. Hala Yousef AL-Shayji LOL, you fucking idiot

  3. Why only 5,001kd ? why not 5 billion? and should be hang that kuwaiti ….

  4. Why only 5,001kd ? why not 5 billion? and should be hang that kuwaiti ….

  5. Livie Rose Cabanting ; well said sista

  6. Livie Rose Cabanting ; well said sista

  7. Kuwaiti people mook mako only just eating sleeping..they dont know anything wat is tright in wrong..allah gave thim fanist..nice to kill thim too….evrything is harrrram but they dont know what means of harrram…sooooo bad people

  8. Kuwaiti people mook mako only just eating sleeping..they dont know anything wat is tright in wrong..allah gave thim fanist..nice to kill thim too….evrything is harrrram but they dont know what means of harrram…sooooo bad people

  9. Don't judge eveyone based on one person's action, idiot.

  10. Don't judge eveyone based on one person's action, idiot.

  11. Hala Yousef AL-Shayji Also, you are right.. maybe Annabell e shouldn't have generalized the whole population. Unfortunately, she is quite right. Kuwait is my country, a rich country, a country capable of so much and yet we live by "wasta". It is embarrassing for a country like Kuwait to be full of uneducated morons but it is the harsh reality. Our country has many, many issues just like any other country.. but looking at how advanced we are compared to 3rd world countries, we really have not advanced at all. At the end of the day, a woman just lost her life and we should all pay respect to her and her mourning family and friends.

  12. Hala Yousef AL-Shayji but you are missing the point. That animal shouldn't have been there in the first place. It is against the law to keep wild animals at home.

  13. Aliah ALSarraf yes it's an act of negligence. If I was the maid I would look for work else where. It's funny no one is blaming the Asian who left the cage open and every one is blaming the owner and Kuwaiti People of lack of education. It's a sad story.

  14. Hala Yousef AL-Shayji That may be true, but I have seen with my own eyes in Gulf street, young male Kuwaitis driving around with a cage in their backseat and a cheetah inside. He was driving around seeking the attention of others. It is a a new habit among this ridiculously weird generation. As for the maid, you know well how difficult it is to seek good employment from a good employer. She may have worked 10 years with that employer for all we care.. However, keeping wild animals in your home is a danger to that home AND others. The maid was a victim of negligence. If you were that maid, your family wouldn't say the same about you. That is a human life that was lost to some man's illegal activity.

  15. Aliah ALSarraf as for Anabelle comment she is ignorant Kuwaiti people don't need an education she the one that needs one you cannot generalize about a nation.

  16. Aliah AlSarraf many people around the world keep wild animals in their home as pets. That's their choice. No one goes out flirting with a lion. That's the media for you. The maid that was killed was working in her employer home for 5 years before she was attacked. Why didn't she leave if she was afraid or concered ?

  17. Pit Deben says:

    Hala Yousef AL-Shayji dont make us laugh

  18. This is no incident ,this is crime . Homicide

  19. Lions it's not animal.domestic ok

  20. Can we be civil with out comments we're all having a day,can we make it a good one…pls…Thank you All…

  21. Hala Yousef AL-Shayji shit you are you devil?i think one day you die

  22. @Aliah Alsarraf…dont be…am a non essential…my job was to keep the combatants supplies flowing from down south of the border to your country…just doing my part…thanks…

  23. Aliah Alsarraf thanks my friend for your support

  24. Gabriel Santos Thank you for your service.

  25. "Lion not a pet…" hahahhahahaha true but that made me laugh

  26. Hala Yousef AL-Shayji bitch go sit down somewhere!!
    you show how ignorant you are by your comments!

  27. Hala Yousef AL-Shayji forgive me Hala but what educated idiot keeps a pet lion and other wild animals as a tool for flirtation? 3rd world countries and our friend Anabelle are definitely more educated than you for making that stupid-ass comment.

  28. Hala Yousef AL-Shayji I really don't think so, because you have money doesn't mean your educated.

  29. What s the safety living in Kuwait. ……huh

  30. The Kuwait cannot understand wich is wild and domestic animals send them to the school to teach them properly what is right and wrong second thing they have to arrest the Kuwait owner who keep the wild animal in side the house

  31. Kaori Cole says:

    I think animals is not problems. Biggest problems is people's without common sense.

  32. Where are the laws to protect wild animals and immigrants in this country??

  33. @Hala Yousef Al-Shayji…i did…23 years ago going 24 after taking part in retaking this country from the Iraqis…

  34. Put the owner in with the lion says I.

  35. Put the owner in with the lion says I.

  36. @Hala Yousef Al-Shayji…You are right they are better educated(sarcasm)…but they lack common sense…

  37. This kind of thing happen's more often then not. I feel really bad for Lourdes Abejuela. I'm sure she would never put herself in that position if money wasn't an issue. She probably has children and family that depend on her. I pray that she will never be forgotten and her death is a lesson for the people that try to change nature. For the people that say, " it's Kuwait." That's not true. Remember Sigfried and Roy in Las Vegas? Their show with the White Tiger that mauled Roy? People didn't blame Vegas. It was a freak accident with professionals. This lady had no choice and her family should be compensated. Let the Lord take care of the rest and let us learn from this horrible tragedy.

  38. Everyone is upset about this

  39. Kuwaiti Minister of Health open an investigation of the incident

  40. يحتاج العدالة لهؤلاء الناس فقط

  41. Let the tiger do Justus to the owner!!!!! Plain and simple .

  42. Kawawa naman c kabayan nangibang bansa para sa family nya pero sa kasawiang palad dahil sa mga taong taga dito na utak biya pati family nya naiwang luhaan condolence po sa inyo God is great hnd po kayo papabayaan babalik po yon sa kanila. ..

  43. I think ate lordes died because of rabbies from the lion.RIP ate lordes so sad.Hindi natutulog ang Diyos,ate..

  44. @Hala Yousef Al-Shayji….'Better Educated'…YEAH RIGHT…(SARCASM)…


  46. That's really bad they cannot do that Lion killed a Filipino man if that happened in England or any country Kuwait will be in big trouble I hate Kuwait

  47. What if one of the family of the owner should kill by the lion…maybe they will kill also the lion…but the owner doesn't really care..its just only thier house made which I can really say…that was so unfair….u will wait again to kill someone until u realize that a lion was not just a dog…..its dangerous.isn't it….

  48. RIP kabayan,condolence to d family,

  49. Rip kabayan and condolence to the family..

  50. Kawawa naman wala talagang Puso ang mag Tao dito sa Kuwait

  51. Kuwaiti Children are better educated than you .

  52. Kuwaiti People are better educated than you .

  53. Maybe she died of rabbies.

  54. Fainaly will tell the police kuwaity man mind opsect persion

  55. Police must arest them,lion not a pet…..

  56. she felt headache after days of discharge from hospital… this means she may have head injury…or hemorrhage…..why the hospital discharged her?…they should have known how she was badly beaten….

  57. used for flirting??? funny… maybe use to boast to others…. why not use ur brains instead…

  58. Bebs Chris says:

    This is a criminal offence

  59. Mia Toll says:

    She died of a headache?!! It looks like she was half eaten!!

  60. kuwaiti children s Must get Good education

  61. Lion, Tiger and Cheetahs are not pet or domestic animals. Those are wild animals and should be in the zoo or in the forest. Tomorrow the same Lion will be killing the owner or his kids. So Kuwait Govt. Has to take strict action against this.

  62. لايجوز اتهام كل الناس بخطاء شخص. اعتقد في كل البلدان يوجد اشخاص مثل هذي النوعيه

  63. wild animals inside the house against the law

  64. Finally family of that pinoy maid only lost her.after few days kuwaity will recruit another maid.i dnt think rules & regulations can't go above wasta of kuwaities.i feel sad on pinoy maid.pls pray for her.

  65. Dapat kinulong talaga ung lion…kasi d basta basta na hayop. …

  66. Why Kuwait police can't take any action on him…

  67. Why Kuwait police can't take any action on him…

  68. I don't think the police will arrest the owner. If they do, he will be out with "WASTA"! They must have tougher laws, fines & imprisonment for people who have wild animals as house pets. My condolence to the poor lady's family and may her soul rest in eternal peace!

  69. Not just endangered the thing is an APEX PREDATOR.

  70. kuwaiti people should be sent to highstandards school so that they will be educated accordingly

  71. Alam nila na delekado…pero mas gusto nilang alagaan ang hayop kausa sa katulong…tingin nila sa katulong ay mas masahol pa sa hayop..

  72. " Refusing to send it to zoo " O.o Police is requesting him O.o he should be jailed for keeping endangered wild animals at home

  73. Lions & tigers are not domestic animals. .. they shouldn't be kept in the house. They're wild animals. .. they can hurt or kill human. I hope those who owned such animals can be the next victim.

  74. كلام خطير جداً ، مش فاهم اي حاجة

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