Kuwait A Minute!

June 28, 20150


Kuwait is…
a diamond of a land, grand
and hate can never penetrate
our core
And when they arrive, preaching
we will only reach out to one another
more, more, more
than ever before

Kuwait is…
A brotherhood of community
And our Emir, the Father of Unity
We are One

The darkness may try
to put out our light
It can push and shove,
push and shove
but we will fight
back harder, stronger
with the only ammunition
we know: Love

We will sway, pray side by side
embracing all, high, low, come, go,
yes, no, to, fro

And when they come riding
on waves, high
We will say: Kuwait a minute!
Not here.
This place is for lovers.
Sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers,
us and others.
We are family.

Kuwait is…
an oasis of tolerance,
and the blood of one is
the blood of all. Big, small.

We are one.
Written by Nejoud Al-Yagout

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