Brawling expats to be immediately deported from Kuwait

October 15, 20140


Expats in Kuwait involved in street fights will be immediately deported under tough new measures announced by the Ministry of Interior. It is the latest in a string of allegations that could see foreigners forcibly removed from the country without a conviction or a right of appeal. On Sunday, authorities deported five expats on allegations they had sexually harassed women. None of the men had faced trial. Last year, thousands also were deported after being charged with traffic offences.

In a statement on Tuesday, the ministry’s director of public relations and moral guidance Brigadier Adel Al Hashash said expats involved in public fights or who incite “chaos” would be deported, because such behaviour was against the Kuwaiti law, despite not allowing a trial first.

According to Arab Times, he revealed that seven GCC citizens already had been asked to leave the country after they were involved in a quarrel at Avenues during Eid Al Adha, reportedly attacking mall security guards. “He stressed the decision of deporting troublemakers will curb the phenomena of chaos and quarrel that is taking root in the country and claiming life and property,” the newspaper reported.

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