20 year cap on expat residency in Kuwait

October 14, 2014122 Comments


Lawmaker says proportion of each expatriate community should be capped at 15% of Kuwaiti population

No foreigner in unskilled and semi-skilled occupations should be allowed to stay in Kuwait when he reaches the age of 50, a lawmaker has said.

However, those who have skilled jobs, such as doctors, advisers and university professors, should be able to stay until they are 70, MP Abdullah Al Tamimi said.

The suggestions are part of a draft law the lawmaker is presenting to parliament to address what he called demographic imbalances and the presence of a massive marginalised labour force in the country.

Kuwait is home to around 2.8 million foreigners, mainly unskilled Asian labourers in the construction sector and domestic helpers, who make up more than two-thirds of the total population.

Under Al Tamimi’s proposal, a residency cap should be imposed on all expatriates working in the country.

The residency should have a maximum of ten years that can be renewed only once, according to the strict conditions. The conditions means that no foreigner can stay in Kuwait for more than 20 years, Al Tamimi said in remarks published by local daily Al Seyassah on Tuesday.

Al Tamimi who had earlier submitted a similar draft law to control the growth of demographic tendencies in the country said he expected parliament to accept his proposal.

He said that his first draft had been rejected ostensibly for including very strict conditions, and added that the new proposal was more flexible.

The lawmaker said that no expatriate community should be allowed to exceed 15 per cent of the Kuwaiti population, currently standing at 1.2 million.

The proposal would affect the Indian community, the largest in the country, with around 700,000 people, the Egyptian community made up of 500,000 people and Bangladeshi nationals, believed to be slightly more than 200,000.

Source GulfNews

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  1. Mansi, Mumbai can be boring also if you don't know the right people or where to go….I spent 7+years in Kuwait…not one of them boring! Try living in Saudi…it can be boring also…but you find the right people and they will pep you up!

  2. The moment I stepped in USA they told me "welcome home " even though I am not citizen . Born and been in,Kuwait for 18 years, never felt home . Always felt as unwelcome

  3. yah you're right!!even me myself never ever hear that kind of law….be fair with the unskilled workers,they're the 1 who beautify and clean ur place ok?

  4. Born and raised in Kuwait till I became 18 then left to USA. unfortunately Kuwait is beautiful country but their people are racist especially toward residents .

  5. in Canada, after 3 years you can apply for citizenship though…

  6. Adla A. Almadahka kuwaitis like you, who have enlightened minds like your own, should speak up! you guys hold the future of beautiful Kuwait. There's more good than bad. i'm sure of it!

  7. my father worked whole his life in kuwait raised all my brothers and sisters after he retired from his federal job they gave him two weeks to leave the country how about this i am college graduate i worked in kuwait also i was making KD 110.00 per month while a kuwaiti national from middle school doing same job making KD 700.00 per month now you tell me all the jobs forners do in that heat can a kuwaiti national do it i dont think so how about this you need a kuwaiti sponser for every thing either you are getting married ,want to burry your love one who passed away buying a car even if you had an car accident you are going to jail and kuwaiti going to home unless you call a kuwaiti sponser to bail you out of jail the only time you dont need a sponser when you are going to take a dump

  8. that's why i left this fuckn Shit country long time ago
    leaving in heaven london thank god

  9. Goodluck Kuwait! we never dreamed to stay here. If there is something to thanked then its all of you people in Kuwait that you owe everything from the expatriates. We you think you can stand among yourselves without expats, then let it be. In the first place, you need our senses the reason we were here though. We can't be here if not you want us to.be. We are ready to leave. We have the brain and wherever we will be destined, we will survive. Kudus men!

  10. Well My father was in Kuwait for 40 years, i was there for 11 long years, my best advise to desi people living in Kuwait .. leave Kuwait and move to west .. UK/USA/Canada etc … or live your life in Kuwait as prisoners, Kuwait is full of shit!! believe me people this is the worst country be in!! i would prefer to live in Hell but Not Kuwait

  11. Azeeta Aghevli that means he is too 😀

  12. they needed bloush tribute early 50s because they were leak of army

  13. they dont need u ppl now because they are happy and war ,problem free but remember my words they will need u and beg you when they will have a internal problem or a internal war

  14. Filipinos now here in Kuwait is more or less 180,000 last December 2013 base on census…

  15. Filipinos now here in KUwait is 180,000 last December 2013 base on census…

  16. this law doesnt for americans cuz they are the rulers of kuwait xD hahahahaha

  17. Adla A. Almadahka oooo Just stfu already you suck your country suck the people is ugly get the point we made your country so stfu please xD
    we cook the food you eat lol what more do u want idiotaaaaa

  18. Adla A. Almadahka and btw its LIFE ** You cant even speak proper english xD

  19. Sad and good news for all of us but when this will be implement?????

  20. Its interesting how many resentful and hateful comments from expats about Kuwait yet they came to live here and still do, How ungrateful!!

    people who talks about mistreating, mistreating is everywhere it doesn't mean that the country is bad, it means that some people are bad and i think Kuwatis learned most of their bad behavior from expats who started to invade Kuwait with the oil boom giving the fact that Kuwait was a tiny country with kind hearted people who welcomed everyone and treated them like family.

    You have been mistreated in your own country to the point that u had to leave it yet you complain about a country that gave you a decent life!!

    I 100% agree with this law, Kuwait is a beautiful country and a great place to live and to grow old in with lots of opportunities, yet its used to the max by lots of expats (not all), they Consume and sabotage everything in this country, the beach's, hospitals, schools … etc because its free. Try to go the beach at the weekend and will feel that WWII just ended with mountains of garbage's!! Hell now i cant reach Salmya without being stuck in traffic not less than 45 minuets in traffic because of expats cars!! every one can afford a car in Kuwait but not in their countries and yet they complain…

    And for the people who say that Kuwaitis cant survive without expats because we cant do their jobs, Well i have old news for you honey, We can manage our selfs very well dear, We used to live in mud houses near the sea doing all the shitty jobs that you're talking about and withput any expats help and we were fine, During the Iraqi invasion most expats left and we managed our country very well.

    Its very sad how no one wanted to be here to help us before oil but after oil an expats invasion started ti take as much as they can from the country and yet they have the nerve to complain about it!!!! Kuwait shouldn't be for ungrateful Profiteers who are not raised well enough to appreciate what they have…

    If you don't like it there are 194 more countries , choose one and leave…

  21. Kuwait country gud but law not gud