Death of 158 Indians registered in Kuwait in 3 months

October 15, 201410 Comments

kuwait_277924739A total of 158 Indians have been reported dead in Kuwait during the last three months, according to the figures released by the Indian Embassy in Kuwait.

Out of the 158 Indians reported dead from July to September this year, mortal remains of 125 Indian nationals were airlifted to India while the remaining 33 were buried in Kuwait as per the wishes of their family members, the Embassy said in a statement.

From those sent to India, 104 were transported within 1 to 5 days of reporting the death to the Embassy (three days being the average time taken for transportation of the mortal remains).

The deportation of mortal remains of 21 deceased persons, however, took longer time, ranging from 6 to 25 days, it said.

Delays in 21 cases occurred as police investigations were required to be conducted in cases of suicides, murders and traffic accidents. In some cases, local sponsors took time to complete formalities while non-availability of flights and intervening holidays were other important reasons.

“It has been our endeavour to assist in the earliest repatriation of mortal remains of Indian nationals who die in Kuwait. As cremation facilities are not permitted in Kuwait, it becomes necessary that many bodies are airlifted to India for final rites,” the embassy said in a statement.

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  1. poor health and proper hygiene and life style…leads to severe illness too.

  2. Indian embassy not god in kuwait embassy was not respond quickly

  3. Kaori Cole says:

    Kuwaiit. Need to do investigation. Indians are doing such a hard job need to show them some respect.

  4. Lack of better treatment for serious diseases.these doctors not treat well. Only Arabs enjoy all fecilities….

  5. give some safty advice to via mobile……better….i think…

  6. Investigate why alarming rate of death of Indian national in Kuwait… and if its just because of health and food;or life style the embassy should encourage ;educate and make facilitation for those people who is ignorant about their health and their rights….

  7. Question is how are they dying? That is +- 52 per month, so daily an Indian dies in Kuwait. Seems like a high death rate. I can see where delays in transporting them back home might happen but not over a 2 week period. Sponsors should be held accountable to handle the paperwork in a timely manner. Sponsors, while not all of them, but a large majority of them cause problems for the Indians and other TCNs on a daily basic. It is shameful how the TCNs are treated by most in Kuwait. Without the TCNs Kuwait would shut down.

  8. Kaori Cole says:

    Something is wrong. ….

  9. Asif Vj says:

    Friends we have do something infount in embassy

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