64 Indian Female Workers Transferred to Shelter in Kuwait

January 12, 201510 Comments

maid89734_20Sixty-four distressed Indian female workers in Kuwait have been shifted to a government-run shelter where they would be provided with free lodging and medical treatment. Kuwait’s Public Authority for Manpower opened a shelter for expatriate female workers in the country Jleeb Al-Shuwaikh (Abbasiya) from December 23, 2014, Indian Embassy in Kuwait said in a statement. The shelter is providing free lodging and medical treatment, the statement said.

Source : NDTV


1: Kuwait opens shelter for ‘runaway maids’

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  1. Md Hussain says:

    Need to improve more to other sites

  2. .humanity is now in Kuwait! ! God Bless this country

  3. Great step by the Kuwait Authorities

  4. Finally a sigh of relief and comfort …..from kuwait government. God bless you

  5. Thank the lord..humanity is now in Kuwait! !

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