Expats who have not updated docus will be caught

January 12, 20150 Comments

finex-Issue-01Thousands of expatriates have already paid the fines at the time of renewing their residence permits which had resulted from them delaying in updating information on their passports after extending the validity of their travel documents. He added, about 110,000 residents have not updated this information and that the General Security Department of Residence Affairs will embark on a campaign to arrest these violators. Al-Jarrah noted those who have updated the information but for some reason was not recorded in the computer, the person shall be exempted from paying fines. He went on to say expatriates who have renewed their passports without updating information shall be given one month grace period from the date of their return to the country to update information but after the expiry of the grace period will have to pay the fine. Al-Jarrah confirmed activation of Article 15 of the residence law for foreigners and linking the validity of residence permit to the validity of the passport and not grant residence permit if passports are valid for less than one year. Domestic workers whose passports have expired shall be given two months grace period and in the case of a temporary extension by country’s embassy, they shall check with the Residence Affairs Department to update data until the issuance of new passports.

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