The Exploitation of Expats in Kuwait

January 5, 20158 Comments


1: Top ten nationalities (in expats) who violated the law in 2014 (via Arabtimes)
2: Over 30 years service expats to have terminated from jobs , Kuwait
3: Kuwait to deport expats over illegal BBQ
4: Kuwait stops dependent visas for parents of expats
5: Check expats security record before they change sponsors
6: Kuwait comes last in list of best countries for expats to live
7: 590 jobs for expats frozen , Kuwait
8: New Stipulation For Expats , Kuwait


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  1. I hope they have mercy on these people not just by talking or preaching but acting
    Sad very sad its true but how many can help but don't want to help

    God HV mercy on thoea who are been misused

  2. Very good Video,but I am working with very very nice person his name is Sulaiman the best ever in this KUWAIT City

  3. God bless you guys those who make this video for awareness, great

  4. Nice Video and Good Thought – when we seek help from someone in our daily routine and get it we keep on thanking that person but at home the biggest help (maids, drivers, support staff) are ill-treated at times. Hope this video makes some people change their mentality / behaviour.

  5. Maic Tina says:

    i don`t believe this video …… all in the interview is Kuwaiti and they are talking about them selves and i have no doubt that they themselves treat the maids the same way they are telling us, it not an attitude, it is a culture

  6. I wish u would carry on dis awareness. let the campaign continue to fight for maid's rights.

  7. Shefeek Ps says:

    May the god almighty bless those who work behind this video…

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