New Stipulation For Expats , Kuwait

November 30, 20144 Comments

Driving will not be permitted as a ‘profession’ for an expatriate laborer unless a license has been issued by the concerned authorities in his home country for that purpose, in coordination with the Public Authority for Manpower and General Traffic Department of the Interior Ministry, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily quoting reliable sources. This was revealed at a recent meeting of several top officials of the Public Authority for Manpower to set up some recommendations to help organize the labor market and the mechanism of bringing in expatriate personnel starting from next year.

Source : ArabTimes

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  1. even a KHAROOF is batter then. …

  2. So who's causing the latest spate of accidents on Kuwait's highways? The expats? Have you seen the type of vehicles involved in these crashes? I'd like to be an expat earning that much to afoord that kind of car!

  3. Jamil Khan says:

    Please i want license make easy for all kind workers

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