Kuwait comes last in list of best countries for expats to live

December 9, 201441 Comments


Kuwait has been ranked last in the list of best countries in the world for expatriates to live and work, based on a report titled ‘Expats Insider Survey 2014’ issued by the ‘Inter- Nations Connecting Global Minds’, which is the first international community for expatriates, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to the report, the survey rates different countries based on the quality of life, employment, social relations, entertainment and financial benefits for the expatriates.

Kuwait was placed in 61st position internationally after Qatar, Greece and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The main reason for Kuwait’s rate is the decrease in the individual happiness index of expatriates. Settling in Kuwait is not at all easy for the expatriates in Kuwait. It is also not easy to make lasting friendship or even feel at home in Kuwait.

Only five percent of the respondents admitted that they feel like they are in their own country while they are in Kuwait while only 7 percent said it is easy to make lasting friendships in Kuwait. Regarding the quality of life, Kuwait was placed in the second last position.

Kuwait was placed in the 60th position in terms of entertainment options for expatriates, and in 50th position in terms of traveling and moving around in the country.

Kuwait was ranked 59th in the health, safety and care aspects while it was last in terms of balance between work and life for the expatriates. It was placed in the 60th position in terms of work and employment, and in 36th position in terms of job security.

The report ranked Kuwait at 56th position regarding financial benefits for expatriates and its value to cater for the family while it was placed in 47th position in terms of the living standards. In addition, expatriates in Kuwait are considered to have the highest working hours in a week, as they work an average of 44.8 hours per week while expatriates in UAE work 45.6 hours per week, 44.8 hours in Qatar and 44.3 hours in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to the report, expatriates enjoy least working hours in Ecuador, Israel, France, Norway, Australia and Costa Rica.

Source : AlBawaba


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  1. Im not against in kuwait. But some or most are SUPER LAZY.!!. late report early to leave their work. Without expats. What will happened to them?

  2. Kuwait need to change everything ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!

  3. Pit Deben if people are aware of whats happening to expats when they go to Kuwait, then why are there still hundreds, if not thousands of expats who go there to find work? Then maybe, their own countries are also not good places to live, for them to say the least. There was a group of Nepali laborers who did strike against the company they were working for here in Qatar. They were underpaid, overworked and you can say other terrible words, but they didn't tolerate their employer. And they stood to what they believed that its better for them to go home than be abused. And this is my point. Expats from third world countries are being abused because we are allowing them. We are scared and we feel that they are always superior than us. Apart from that, the embassies are not extending enough help. So maybe, before we blame the countries where we choose to work, we can deal first with our own governments.

  4. Pit Deben says:

    Daniza Reyes no most ppl dont have their freedom, they take away your passport upon arrival! Stop being naive and look at the bigger picture! do you read the news and see the hundreds of maids who kill themselves cos of slavery or being worked to dead, or the hundreds of complaints towards police authorities on how they treat people from third world countries? The same from the locals!

  5. hey! they just commenting because the world are monitoring! if this stupidy will last…it should be stop because of human rights! maybe even your own country doesn't have a good freedom!

  6. if ur doing good her in Kuwait,we have good opportunity here,just respect the laws and it well be fine!

  7. Zy Nunez says:

    What to expect anyway… if ur asian dont expect a fair treatment. U are least prioritize by them esp. Wen it comes to have a better work.. shame on them ..

  8. 70 hours weekly including ot.

  9. At the end of day the ameer is rewarded as humanitarian leader by united nation. Shame on the rulers and nation who thinks theyr great and they are proud of what?

  10. It is high time for Kuwaitis to understand what world is thinking about them

  11. some shabab spit on us while walking around farwaniya area. when i was still working there. also, I experienced those teenagers throwing large rocks on the bus while travelling. not all locals are bad. though some of them don't really care especially if your an expat.

  12. Surprise that Philippines beat #U A E

  13. Kuwaiti don't feel that we are human

  14. Ira Ali says:

    Kuwait idiology will never ever change,untill there is democracy.

  15. if expats are not working kuwait , kuwait will be a desert still now, can u kuwaiti can work in a construction site? not onli kuwait the entire middle east will be a desert up to date.
    v r all humans, treat humans as human.

  16. B.c no Humanity but Kuwait is Good place. No respect for residences.

  17. They better check the working hours ,, it's not 44.8 h per week it is 60 h per week as for privet sector ,, expats don't work as gov. Employees

  18. Don't worry it'll happen sooner or later

  19. Stupid reply from a stupid person!

  20. i agree with this. like what the saying goes, if u dont like where u are, you can leave and change.You are not a tree. Nobody force any expat to come and work in kuwait or other countries in Middle East, same way that we all have our freedom to go back to our country.

  21. Don't believe everything you hear

  22. Why u r complaining about kuwait and kuwaities just leave back to ur country

  23. I have heard that in Kuwait locals spat/spit on expats especially in lifts.

  24. Discrimination, harrasment and unequal treatment of the authorities to the expats.

  25. Most of middleeast counteries unconfortable for resident inadition low of respectthis is the main point…

  26. Big shame why goes to last term standard the old term was really good one makes us most comfortable life living. .and now is like hell must fight for so many things. Become more more hard can't bare anymore. 🙁

  27. Kuwait is a nice place but the probz ally expats people no freedom to do what they want.i hope all mployers will follow the new rules of middle east against the household worker here n Kuwait.Its my opinion only. ..

  28. Hishighness…the kind king should involve directly in the issues that we exparties are
    facing….then only there will be changes..for us …which will make us exparties live happily….may god help us

  29. Kuwait need to change there labor law

  30. Kuwait need to change there labor law

  31. Bcoz of…discremanation…about the nationality..your are from asian country..nothing to grow up…your job..opportunity…even your rights to your lenght of service to your..nothing??

  32. Bcoz of…discremanation…about the nationality..your are from asian country..nothing to grow up…your job..opportunity…even your rights to your lenght of service to your..nothing??

  33. Its really a shame ….and its high time for the official to rethink and make d old kuwait. ….which was far better and good…

  34. Its really a shame ….and its high time for the official to rethink and make d old kuwait. ….which was far better and good…

  35. There is no humanity In Kuwait

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