Kuwait labor law offers additional protection to expats (Via KUNA)

November 21, 201465 Comments

Director-General of the public authority of workforce Jamal Al-Dosary on Thursday reaffirmed commitment of the authority to protect expatriate workers under provisions of the labor law No. 6/2010.
“The law provides a range of benefits for workers such as increasing the number of paid annual leave days, including the sick, pilgrimage and birth-giving leave as well as the national holidays,” he said in a press release.
“The Kuwaiti cabinet also approved a decree to form an inter-agency panel to organize the situations of the foreign workers in the private sector, including housemaids,” Al-Dosary pointed out.
He noted that each governorate has a labor affairs department mandated to solve any disputes between employees and employers in a mutually-acceptable way, otherwise the complaint can take the issue to court.
“The authority works to compel an employer to meet their financial commitments to foreign employees under the contract, including the provision of a decent accommodation, or cover the costs of the return home of any sacked employee,” Al-Dosary added, noting that the authority welcomes any complaints relating to worker rights.

Source : KUNA
Thanks Tareeq Iqbal Mohammed for sharing

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  1. After hala fabaury or befour

  2. Thanks to Mr al dosary may Allah will bless u an you're family
    But when these labour law will held from when after hala febaury or after

  3. Sir please it must be implemented mandatory for those who did not follow. This is to protect us housemaid who received salary lower than indicated in the contract

  4. Amssy Ahad says:

    Thanks mr dosary May Allah give you Long live Ameen

  5. Ahad Ashiq says:

    May Allah will blessed u sir

  6. I like this is very good thanks

  7. Ur a good man. May allah bless u an ur family.

  8. Pls allow all nationalities other than Arab countries to work at least in front office and inquiries in all ministry offices pls…

  9. Thank u sir for ur concern for expat…happy to hear that someone like u have the heart for the expat..may Allah bless u and ur familu always

  10. Annual paid leave should be at least of two months

  11. I'm working oual home care company driver we ar working Avery day 14over work 1 year 365 day work no off salry 130kd we ask give Friday over time not give anything what we plz help driver

  12. Mac Jeff says:

    Al hamdulilah.. Inshalla..

  13. Kmi Khan says:

    Allah will give him good reward
    Thx to DOSARY family

  14. first of all i woul doike to thank who is the people who work fo this law but FYI not all company are fallowing this law.. sorry..

  15. Wow good news… Good job Sir…. God blessed u more

  16. Thanks sir may god bless u…

  17. 8's good to be true..several company disobeyed the labor law in Kuwait..company policies implemented specially holiday..

  18. I m a victim of non payment of housing & transport allowance as per terms of the contract.what can I do to get my rights

  19. Thanks Sir, God bless you and your family.

  20. Alhamdulilaha but implementation is very important
    We desperately need it

  21. Thank you very much, & if you watch I S C O camp really you tell close the camp immediately, thanks for all

  22. Ali Khan says:

    Wow so nice may Dosary sir may u live long

  23. Baig Afzal says:

    May Allah Bless you Mr Al Dosray. …

  24. The thing is, when it will be implimented..?

  25. Yaseen Ali says:

    Thanks to Ms.Jamal Al Dosary for looking our benefits May Allah Bless You.

  26. Good news…..thank's god bless you Sir Jamal Al Dosary

  27. thanks to almighty god a good person like AL dosary comes as saviour god give him strength to stand for all in need its time he just looks arround,,,,,not only maids but hifi restaurants ,beauty parlours,saloons ,shisa parlours much more to name all are denied public holidays like also week ends friday ,people need u to supprt thier rights

  28. Great! Like to live n work in Kuwait.

  29. Alhamdulillah!…..thank you so much!!!!

  30. Rehana Gul says:

    I need job pleas …..

  31. Good news… for everyone…. and thanks.for the government if kuwait…

  32. MD Hannan says:

    Good News…. I Won't Sum Complen.We're It's

  33. Now i feel its humaniterian decision

  34. How many annual leave going to increase??