Violations by public – Fine upto KD 250 by EPA

June 24, 20180 Comments

The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has issued a regulation to settle environmental violations committed by individuals and corporate institutions through compensation if the two sides agree on a settlement.

The regulation specifies the condition for settlement in line with certain procedures, indicating the violator is supposed to solicit reconciliation in advance—whereas the affected party has right to accept or reject a settlement. It states the request for settlement will be rejected in case the violation registered was not cancelled, indicating violations should be mended and the document for settlement must include a pledge stating it’ll not be repeated.

The maximum fine to be paid by individuals for dumping environmental waste is KD250, while corporate institutions will pay sums ranging from KD1,250 to KD5,000 for the same offense.

In case the violation affects professional or business surroundings, an individual will pay KD500 and establishments KD1,250 to KD10,000, while individuals involved in chemical waste violations are liable to pay KD500 and establishments will endure fines ranging from KD2,500 to KD10,000.

Also, the fine for dumping hazardous, medical, sludge and solid wastes starts from KD50 to KD5,000 for individuals, while establishments could pay a minimum of KD50 and maximum of KD20,000.

Source : Arabtimes

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