Lifting Subsidies from cooking gas and fuel , Kuwait

December 2, 201432 Comments


The subsidies committee, comprising of elements from various concerned government establishments, met at the Finance Ministry and reviewed lifting subsidies off fuel and cooking gas pending referring it to the Cabinet during the first quarter of 2015, said informed sources.

The sources added that the project recommends lifting fuel and gas subsidies gradually and that the suggested new price of cooking gas cylinders will gradually increase over a period of one to two years from the current KD 0.750 to reach KD 1.5. The sources also noted that the price of ‘Premium’ petrol will jump from 60 fils to 100 fils per liter, ‘Super’ petrol prices will jump from 65 fils to 130 fils per liter while the ‘Ultra’ petrol prices will jump from 90 fils to 170 fils per liter.

Source : KuwaitTimes

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  1. اي زين احسن اطردو المقيميمن مرا وحده وخلاص اريح واشتغلو زبالين وسنكري وبنشرجي وبياع فلافل و.و.و.و.و.و

  2. Sabir Ali says:

    What about our salary

  3. Giving 100+1 and 200+2 that's all that

  4. Wat about our salary 100+100=200. 200+200=400 givit

  5. Petroleum price going down that why oil produce country increasing price to save country economy

  6. Suma Rose says:

    Nobody will think about Salary increment

  7. Definitely fall down

  8. It is unbliveable , at a time dabole general pablick will be effected fer this desiccation.

  9. What about the salary it will be jump too high also also or not,

  10. Next, they'll impose toll fee in highways.

  11. Bus/Taxi fare also will go up dear…

  12. What about the salary

  13. If they gona do this they should ask all the companies to raise salaries. To defence these things.

  14. Increase petrol/gas prices and give donation to zakat house and give support to the Islamic waring nation while not seeing to the poor expatraits their needs such as rent etc. Your God shall bless youll as youll are very generous and kind hearted.

  15. Khan Dada says:

    I don't have car… don't vorry if petroleum go 1kd

  16. Other products prices will also increase as the transport cost will increase. ..

  17. احسن. ارفعو كل شى عليهم غاز بنزين ديزل. خلو الديره. تفضاء

  18. Good. We. Buyt one time in month but fopd conmny 20 times on week

  19. Every where petroleum price going down how oil producing country increase price discussting.

  20. still cheaper then UAE

  21. Khan Cool says:

    The knows to suck our blood GOOD BLESS US

  22. Premium petrol will be jump from 60 fils to 100 fils each liter. Not only in Indonesia but also in Kuwait…… god bless us. Alloh kareem

  23. ديزل چم ایسیر

  24. ديزل چم ایسیر

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