Kuwaiti Woman Scratches Husband’s Porsche after He Gets Married

December 23, 201471 Comments


In case you ever wondered how it’s like to be legally married with more than one woman we don’t really have an answer for that. But judging from this wife’s desperate gesture we now know how some of the wives feel. 
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  2. Taiyab Ali Faizan You are wrong……but hey, funny that even Persons like you dont know……;-) Tells much about that Culture.

  3. Men were born to saffer a woman to fill a pain i think if you have two or three or four easy to releaf your pain

  4. We are muslims and we follow the Quran we able to marry four wifes married two three four if you cant make a right same to them you have to stay with one thats it

  5. a man should not put all the eggs in one basket, should have option just incase 😉

  6. Teta Pineda de Guzman hi women need 3 things from man wealth trust love care and u must give her trust love and whats she need sex is not imp u care her

  7. Iftekhar I´m waiting for your reply, or you have no more words to defend the selfish macho man attitude?

  8. iftekhar to have another woman is more than a valid reason to say good bye and good luck. Have you ever visited a country where women decide their own life aand parents respect it? and where they have the same rights as men on their children? where to marry another woman being yet married, and it is a crime and you can be sent to jail because you are unrespecful to her? Ii you haven´t it woud be healthy for you

  9. Who said arab men have more power against women, have u been to any arab country?
    Yes she can leave him but needs to have a valid reason.

  10. i've guess i hve 2 share my opinion too..im also married 2 a muslim man..'nd i hve interest on this topic..i want to ask if a muslim man will marry again other woman he can marry even his wife not allow him to do?

  11. Jay Hussein
    Just because he can does not mean he should
    Allah was very clear on the reasons for men taking more than one wife and unless he can truthfully justify it then Allah says don't
    He also commanded a man to be financially capable of supporting them all equally which is hardly ever done. He cautioned men that he did not design mans heart to love equally either so unless he knows for sure he will love them equally don't do it

  12. I sought advice from numerous sheiks in Kuwait years ago yes they have to inform the first wife before not after he has already married her
    The first wife can either accept or not accept She can also seek divorce and be granted it Allah is most wise and merciful I divorced two different husbands because they lied and swore on the Quran they would never take other wives but cheated throughout our marriage until one slipped up and got his girlfriend pregnant and had to marry her
    It is so painful and heartbreaking for the first wife and children why do it? It's not worth putting them through a hellish nightmare! These men will stand before their God one day and try as they might NEVER justify their actions to him

  13. Well I would have dug my keys into the side of his pretty little souped up ride and carved my name into his leather seats took a Louiville slugger to both headlights slashed a hole in all 4 tires Maybe next time he"ll think before he cheats. I might of saved a little trouble for the next girl because the next time that he cheats, he will know it won't be on me!!

  14. Kuwaiti men are the worse when it comes to sneaking around and doing this behind their wife's back I gave had it done twice and it hurts even more the second time and yes they do have to consult the first wife and there are only four reasons why Allah gave permission to marry another but these men are only doing it for the thrill of different sex!

  15. Who says that Westerners accept their men going to prostitutes? Look at the flaws in your own culture before making claims about another based on television.

  16. Anwar, sheku deenha? The Quran is for the Muslim man regardless of his spouses' religion. If he's Muslim and the Quran says his wife must accept a second for it to be valid to Allah then it must be so. If the first cannot accept a second marriage (due to the problems it will cause) either he ought to divorce his first wife, or cancel the second marriage.

  17. Does she have to accept it if she's a Christian?

  18. Nado Isme says:

    The wife has the right to divorce the Huspand
    It is not a jail

  19. Raju Kumarbairwa its better to ask urself, u will know the answer and dont blame to the other ur experience ok.

  20. women are second class citizen

  21. the grass is not always greener

  22. you talking up your arse, a wife can not divorce a husband

  23. a husband can still marry a second wife even if the first wife does not agree

  24. a muslim man can have 4 wives at one time

  25. if wife give honest love good care husband cannot go far yes if u all agree when we honest cannot go far mostly i see man go far becoz he not get real love real respect rea;l life man only no want sex plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  26. Royal Guns says:

    I can see most of them are talking about man is guilty! But nobody says anything when a woman cheats on, but still tries to find the fault in man! Y so injustice? Is there any verse in any of the holy books of any religion that women never do mistake n are innocent always?
    Where i can see that most of the women also cheat on the husbands for finding the richer man than him

  27. And reminding how it is supposed to be… I am a firm fan of the middle east culture!!!

  28. But they still have to abide with the Qur'an supposedly… But with all the temptations available around it makes it hard for them… I myself have been in the middle east so I know how their culture works. but!!!! If they really care if they get punished or not in the eyes of Allah its their problem.. but I am just saying!

  29. That's what you know but in their culture they can do what ever they want

  30. Irony is westerns think, a man can have mistresses or multiple extra-marital affairs. Even their women don’t mind her husband going to prostitute. The same society, however, cannot accept a man having more than one wife in which women retain their honorable, dignified position in society and lead a protected life.

  31. Is she gone mad to scratch a porsche after marriage???.. dumb ass. 😉

  32. God bless this people in everything, financially the most, but they know nothing how to

  33. My dear … Why his car …?! Let him sleep soundly and cut his private part…he deserved….

  34. One more thing, In Islam, polygyny is not a rule but an exception. Many people are under the misconception that it is compulsory for a Muslim man to marry more than one wife.

  35. I understand the feeling of women. Being women, she showed a very natural reaction. I think many of you have some misconception about this matter. This is a case of Polygamy. Polygamy means a system of marriage whereby one person has more than one spouse. Polygamy can be of two types. One is polygyny where a man marries more than one woman, and the other is polyandry, where a woman marries more than one man. In Islam, limited polygyny is permitted and polyandry is completely prohibited. Now coming to the main point, why Islam allows man to have more than one wife?
    Qur'an is the only religious book, on the face of this earth, that contains the phrase 'marry only one'. There is no other religious book that instructs men to have only one wife. In none of the religious scriptures like Bible or Geeta does one find a restriction on the number of wives. According to these scriptures one can marry as many as one wishes. It was only later, that the Christian Churches and Hindu priests the restricted the number of wives to one.
    Polygyny is permitted in Judaism. According to Talmudic law, Abraham had 2 wives, and Solomon had hundreds of wives.
    The context of this phrase is the following verse from Surah Nisa of the Glorious Qur'an: 'Marry woman of your choice in twos' threes' or fours' but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly, (with them), then only one' [Al-Qur'an 4:3]
    Before the Qur'an was revealed, there was no upper limit for polygyny and many men had scores of wives, some even hundreds. Islam put an upper limit of four wives. Islam gives a man permission to marry two, three or four women, only on the condition that he deals with them justly. In the same chapter i.e. Surah Nisa verse 129 says: 'It is very difficult to be just and fair between women'. [Al-Qur'an (4:129)]
    Average life span of females is more than that of males By nature males and females are born in approximately the same ratio. During paediatric age however, in childhood itself a female child has more immunity than a male child. A female child can fight the germs and diseases better than the male child. For this reason, there are more deaths among males as compared to the females during paediatric age.
    During wars, there are more men killed as compared to women. More men die due to accidents and diseases than women. The average life span of females is more than that of males, and at any given time one finds more widows in the world than widowers.
    In the USA, women outnumber men by 7.8 million. New York alone has one million more females as compared to the number of males, and of the male population of New York one-third are gays i.e sodomites. The USA as a whole has more than twenty-five million gays. This means that these people do not wish to marry women. Great Britain has four million more females as compared to males. Germany has five million more females as compared to males. Russia has nine million more females than males. God alone knows how many million more females there are in the whole world as compared to males.
    Even if every man got married to one woman, there would still be more than thirty million more females in USA who would not be able to get husbands (considering that America has twenty five million gays). There would be more than four million females in Great Britain 5 million females in Germany and nine million females in Russia alone who would not be able to find a husband.
    In Western society it is common for a man to have mistresses and/or multiple extra-marital affairs, in which case, the woman leads a disgraceful, unprotected life. The same society, however, cannot accept a man having more than one wife, in which women retain their honorable, dignified position in society and lead a protected life.
    Thus the only two options before a woman who cannot find a husband is to marry a married man or to become public property. Islam prefers giving women the honorable position by permitting the first option and disallowing the second. There are several other reasons, why Islam has permitted limited polygyny, but it is mainly to protect the modesty of women.

  36. lol its a manly thing…….. Teta Pineda de Guzman