Kuwait deports 413 expats

November 4, 20150 Comments

illegal-kudKuwait has deported 413 foreigners in the last ten months for breaking traffic rules, official figures indicate. According to the interior ministry, 297 expatriates were deported for driving without a valid driving licence while the others were expelled for not complying with traffic regulations, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported.

The deportation process is based on instructions from the interior ministry, and no expatriate is deported until his case is reviewed by the ministry undersecretary, security sources told the daily. “There is no concern about possible abuses and unfair deportation since every case is referred to the undersecretary and includes all the necessary details, which allows him to make the final decision about the measures to be taken,” the sources said.

Kuwait has regularly warned that it would deport foreigners who drive without a licence, or disrupt public order, mainly through brawls, or assemble and engage in political or religious issues. In May, Kuwait deported 78 Arabs and non-Arab expatriates for driving without licences and arrested over a period of three weeks from April 21 until May 18.

In March, Kuwait said it would deport any foreigner caught driving without a valid licence in a toughening of the traffic law Security sources attributed the decision to the fact that several expatriates did not mind paying the “trivial” fine of KD30 if they were arrested by the police and kept on driving without obtaining a Kuwaiti licence.

Officials said there were clear instructions to adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone breaking the law and to refer anyone caught behind the steering wheel without a proper licence to the deportation office for legal action.

Source : Gulf News

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