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22,000 expats deported

November 16, 20150 Comments

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Kuwait deports 413 expats

November 4, 20150 Comments

illegal-kudKuwait has deported 413 foreigners in the last ten months for breaking traffic rules, official figures indicate. Continue Reading &raquo

Kuwait to deport 23 expats with their families

October 27, 20150 Comments

kwuait-deport-fightKuwaiti authorities will deport without trial 17 Egyptians and six Syrians after they were involved in a mass brawl over a commercial dispute, an information ministry official said Tuesday. Continue Reading &raquo

Kuwait speed up deportation procedures

August 27, 20150 Comments

cb28018ac4180a46c0aeec1937eb9644_1437350340.5776The Ministry of Interior asserted Thursday its readiness to cooperate with the Embassy of the Philippines in Kuwait Continue Reading &raquo

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