European women on ‘visit’ selling sex with AIDS on 1000 KD per night

October 30, 20160 Comments

Prostitution is becoming widespread in the country mostly practiced by European women particularly from those 35 countries for whom the visa is available on arrival, reports Al-Anba daily.

The daily added security forces recently arrested an unidentified Greek woman for indulging in prostitution and during interrogation it was disclosed that most women charge KD 1,000 for one night flesh pleasure.

The woman was reportedly picked up from a hotel in Salmiya. According to security sources, the vice squad makes at least four arrests in a week. The sources also said they promote their business via the Internet and are members of worldwide prostitution network.

Some of these women are carriers of the AIDS virus. The daily added, when a prostitute is arrested and it turns out that she is a carrier of the AIDS virus, all men who had been in contact with her are referred to the Contagious Diseases Hospital to find out if they have contracted the disease.

Source : Arabtimes

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