Indian caught having sex with maid in Kuwaitis house

April 20, 201621 Comments

A Kuwaiti has handed over an unidentified Indian to the police for sneaking into his house during his absence to have sex with his maid, reports Al-Anba daily.

The daily added, the Kuwaiti returned home unannounced and caught the man in the maid’s room. He then locked the door from outside and called the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior. The incident happened in Sabah Al-Salem.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. Nouman says:

    What is the punishment they give for that ? For that indian? What they did?

  2. Ryan Honey says:

    Shanchai Real yes you are right. ..if they slave or maltreated their household helper its disclose but if any little mistake bldone,its a big issue for them…make fair

  3. Apparently it would be absolutely okay if he is or his son or father are banging the maids but no outsiders haha

  4. some kuwaiti here having sex to his housemaid,,, have also housemaid make him, sex disgusting..

  5. Jack Dawson they signed up for this job… It is no secret what domestic work is like nor the conditions of that work.

  6. Jack Dawson look regardless of what you say… An employee doesn't have the right to bring any person male or female into their employers house without their knowledge and permission. She may live there but she still abides by house rules. Their sexual needs do not trump the owner's rules or rights.

    They want to have sex? Sneak out… Too risky? Mastubation is always an option. Not enough? Then perhaps a change in profession is needed.

  7. Wen kuwaitis got mistaken they didint report becoz its shameles to their country but wen maids and driver doing sex and cought with kuwsiti automatically jail… its unfair y becoz they are not their country . Many kuwaiti doing sex with their emplpoyes why they are not arested … its a unfair law …. and i do not believe kuwaitis are religious people some of them are lier a big lier and also same satan ….. some of them are plastic

  8. So many Kuwaitis just trap their maids inside their homes. They are not anybody's fucking pets !

  9. Joseph… The man is not a stranger since the maid did trust him to come inside. She knew that person even if you don't. If you're not OK with your maid bringing men home, then let her have days off when she can go out. What is more crazy than letting a stranger inside your house, is to expect your maid to not make love for 2 years.

  10. I don't really know what has come all this arabic people. .they only favour there self. Nd them dont care what other people feel. .nauty. ..does that suppuse to be a news…sex is very necessary in homan system…abeg you guys should lean from order country. ..they prefer gay stupidity. .

  11. Frank Laeremans …. Wait you would mind or you wouldn't? I am going to be completely honest. If my maid chose to sneak outside my home and have sex, then that is between her and God… But if she sneaks a man into my home for any reason then her, the man, and I will have a large problem, because she has compromised my home by bringing a stranger.

    That basically means that she knows my rules, made a calculated decision to disregard those rules and in a round about way told me that my wishes do not matter that much in regards to who comes in and out of my home for which I pay rent.

    I'm sorry that is not her call… In the US most people would simply fire… Others may assault the man for being in a place he doesn't belong… Here in Kuwait everyone knows that sneaking into a home in Kuwait is far from the smartest option. This guy got turned other to the cops… When something much worse could have happened.

  12. Perhaps… But honestly it is doubtful that it would be reported as news.

  13. Madina Shagerbaeva if Jack has a maid he might get a visitor.

  14. So basically you are telling it is okay, for someone who you don't know to sneak into your house and have sex with your nanny or maid as long as it is in their room? That is a violation of trust, i hire maids with the expectation that they will not let strangers into my home and they perform their duties, in return i treat then with respect and kindness. The point is, the maid knew it was wrong and the man knew it was wrong hence the reason for SNEAKING.

    Wrong is wrong and it is my opinion that the maid and her lover were wrong.

  15. Jack Dawson r u joking?

  16. is this what you call news ? i am sure there are Kuwaitis who have sex with their maids. Do they get arrested or is this kind of news swept under the carpet? Malish habibi.

  17. Joseph Carl Allen It is not just the maid's workplace. It is also the maid's home for 2 years. She was having sex in the room alloted to her. Not in owner's bedroom,

  18. Joseph Carl Allen yeah I.would
    But calling the moral.police that is something else
    Probably the guy got rocks off because it was not him who at sex

  19. Agreed… But not all kuwaitis do that and the ones who do probably aren't sneaking in to houses to do call girls.

    Unfortunately this is the maid's workplace can't imagine doing anyone in the workplace would acceptable in any culture.

    And as a home owner I wouldn't want anyone sneaking in my home to get their rocks off… Would you?

  20. Leave them they r Indian bt it's wrong to do inside Kuwaiti house but sex is natural habit should have given weekly off to worker or maid man or women one day off its good for all

  21. What is wrong to have sex is not what they doing those kuwaties when they travel too Europe and use call girls Arabs are greatest hypocrites in the world

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