23 Memories Every 90’s Kid Growing Up In The Middle East #kuwait #q8 #uae

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This list of ‘been there-seen that’ will remind you that you are truly from that glorious time – the 90’s. For the ones who missed out, this is your chance to discover what it was like for a 90’s kid growing up in the Middle East!

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1. This was a very common sight on TV.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Guy West

2. Whenever we used to get money on Eid, we used to feel like millionaires.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Kate Gardiner

3. We spent hundreds of happy evenings playing ice & water, arm wrestling and hop-scotch.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Yixler

4. It was a time when we didn’t worry about calories or fat content. If we saw chocolates, we ate chocolates. Period.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Paul Townsend

5. Keeping us indoors was impossible. But when we did stay inside, we played fun board games like Snakes & Ladders, Ludo and Monopoly.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Bindas Madhavi

6. You just couldn’t live without Indomie.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Katebelletje

7. It was an achievement for you when you could fake an illness and not have to go to school that day.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Sean Dreilinger

8. Collections of Pokemon cards, Lays tazos & Suntop stickers were like treasures to us.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Shaktiman Sethi

9. We used to hate it when we saw this.

Photo Credit: Youtube

10. Our fingers would hurt but we won’t stop playing games like Mario, Contra and Mortal Kombat.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ coleman

11. These were the only things that existed in the name of songs.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ scorzonera

12. The only time you liked writing was when you could use these ink pens. You even loved the smell of ink.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ slowswimmer

13. We used to cherish our color pencil boxes.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Dome Poon

14. Erasable pens were our favorite – something that we won’t let anyone else borrow.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ The Bees

15. A day trip to amusement parks and water parks were the best days of our lives. It was nothing short of an adventure. They all felt like Disneyland to us back then. 

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Michael Cari Jr. MBA

16. Getting to own a floppy disk was like a dream come true.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Ehpien

17. You still cherish the mild touch of the wind on your face when you first rode your (BMX or MTB) bicycle without training wheels.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Ed Yourdon

18. Photography was so much easier, with no fancy technical options.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Canadian Pacific

19. You were content with this television set, you didn’t mind the curvy picture on the screen.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ imrambi

20. There were many gaming consoles we tried our hands on – Atari, Family Computer, Nintendo and Sega.

Photo Credit: Flickr/ chriselt

21. We used to get worried when a game cartridge would stop working and we try fixing it by blowing in it!


22. This was a luxury back then!

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Albert

23. Captain Majid used to be your favorite cartoon show!

Cover Photo Credit: Flickr/ Manar Al Rashed




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  1. Agree and missed those days aww my childhood.

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