Visit visas free for 3 months in a year (via Arabtimes)

December 28, 20140

Visit visas will be free for three months in a year after which fees will be imposed for any further visits, as the current law on visit visa can be easily manipulated. Regarding increasing the fees for residence permits, he affirmed that the ministry will tackle the issue after organizing the regulations governing issuance of visit and dependent visas. However, he agreed that the fees for residence permits have not been changed for almost 50 years, clarifying that the fees for the residence permits of housemaids for Kuwaiti citizens will not be changed. When asked about the objections raised by some embassies and lawmakers regarding the fines imposed on expatriates who have not informed immigration departments about the updated data of their passports, Sheikh Al-Jarrah said, “This is the country’s sovereignty right.

Source : Arabtimes
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