Video “Girl jumped out from the building , Kuwait” on YouTube

December 9, 201417 Comments

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  1. May Allah save all of us from sudden death (accidental)….shocking clip

  2. Just another comment … Most of the buildings here in kuwait , there's no fire exit ladders from the outside just in case of emergency or balcony fire ladders. This is a building construction regulations. Buildings should provide safety measure, to make sure that the tenants are safe.

  3. Not alive she passed away .. her sister alive in ACU in hospital

  4. Nizami Naz says:

    every day fire bcs no safety measures… everywhere corruption..

  5. In hospital . She is alive

  6. In hospital . She is alive

  7. As I have noticed … All buildings here there is no fire escape. Or any exit except for stairs but if the fire started on the inside of the flat there is no way to do but to jump or die on fire.

  8. Every day fire why!!!!!!!!

  9. Why is fire so common now all days?

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