Plan to cut Electricity for bachelors in family houses , Kuwait

December 9, 201426 Comments


Planning a decision to cut off power supply to homes in residential areas, homes which accommodate single men, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a knowledgeable security source.

The source pointed out owners of some houses had been notified and warned against renting houses to singles. Since the house owners had failed to take action, the next option is to cut power supply, said the source.

Via Arabtimes

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  1. Kmi Khan says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha crazy

  2. Singles not allowed in kuwait,and married are not allowed to get their families…dating not allowed to make families…Please it a puzzle or riddle?

  3. Mentality of people living in the jungle….

  4. Why they so mean to expat especially to single..better they dont give visa to all people working in their country so as they never thinking so much problem that in a 1st place it's not really a problem at all…

  5. kuwait want to be income many

  6. Rahim Khan says:

    Ok where single will live?? On streets??

  7. Good division. Should be taken in action soon

  8. So Basically Kuwait Want To Earn Money From Expats , Yet They Want To Deport Expats ?o.O

    Lack Of Education!!

  9. This law aint got good thing to produce.. this sucks

  10. Where they will leave ,,,

  11. Where they will leave ,,,

  12. Where they will leave ,,,

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