Transfer of visa for graduates and Transfer of Farm Visa

July 16, 20172 Comments

Is it possible to transfer my visa (salesman) to another company as I got a good opportunity. I have been working for 3 months in my current company. Also I have professional degree certificate (BTech) and my current sponsor has no objection on visa transfer.

Name withheld

Answer: Since you are a university degree holder, you can transfer your visa to another company at any point in time without even the agreement of your sponsor. However if at the time of joining the company you signed a contract tying you to a specific time frame, then you have to see through the contract.

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  1. We all know that transferring work needs to follow standard protocol and your next action should depend on what’s written and what you have sign in the contract. If you can’t wait for the contract to end then you can opt for terminating it but you’ll have to pay for a termination fee if your employer ask for it or else you’ll be charge of breach of contract.

  2. Ali says:

    Dear Sir

    Please advise how can be changed iqmaa from khafeel as my khafeel has no objection to change my iqmaa but visa type is contract with Govt. And I’m new in Kuwait since 6 month first iqmaa had for two years. I have a university degree. For

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