Transfer of Factory visa to Private company

December 24, 20162 Comments

Quoted from Arabtimes – My sister has been working with a company for the last 3 years and had entered the country on a factory visa.

She has now finished her contract and would like to transfer her visa to a private company but with the same sponsor. Please advise if it would be possible.

Answer: According to the latest law on the issue — although there remains a lot of ambiguity — if you are on a factory visa you can transfer to the main file of the same sponsor on payment of a KD 350 fee. And from this “main file” you can transfer — technically — to any other private sector company without any problems after spending a year on this file.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. Shoaib says:

    **1)What is free shoun visa means?
    QATA’A AL ALHI visas are eligiable to get transferred to any sectors ?
    **2)Is QATA’A AL AHLI visa a free shoun visa (Transferable)?
    Please suggest.

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