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July 16, 20163 Comments

I have been working with a contracting company for the last three years (hired locally, completed one government project of more than two years and now working on another government project for the last 6 months with same company).

I would like to ask you whether I will be able to transfer my residence to another company as my wouldbe sponsor mandoub says it will not be possible as I have not completed one year on the current project, whereas my current sponsor mandoub says there shall not be any difficulty as all you have to do is to pay KD 300 to Public Manpower Authority for the transfer.

Name withheld
Answer: The mandoub (company representative) of your would-be sponsor is right because there are three conditions tied to the transfer of the residence.

1. Conclusion of the project

2. Working for at least one year for the sponsor

3. Getting the sponsor’s approval for transferring.

So, you can see that neither has the project — you are working on currently — been completed nor have you completed one year on the new project … so the transfer is not possible.

This is very true, more so, because there are a lot of restrictions coming out on the issue frequently.

Source : Arabtimes

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  2. I was able to get transfer to new company government project by paying 300 kd to public authority for manpower even though I didn't complete one year with government project of my earlier sponsor.

  3. I have already 3years compilet my old same Responser my visa 18project I can transfer any company or not can you give me reply

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