Residency transfer procedures within one month

May 29, 201624 Comments

In a situation whereby dispute arises between an employer and his employee, Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) cautions the employee against initiating the transfer of residency; otherwise, the process will be rendered null and void (unless the employer completes the procedures of transfer within one month), reports Al-Anba daily.

A circular issued by PAM indicates employees that initiate transfer of residency will be regarded as neglecting their job, and approval obtained for residency transfer will be rendered null and void.

The circular also states that Labor Relations Department will not accept any complaint filed by an employer or his legal representative in case the transfer is already approved or after signing of the transfer document.

Concerning contracts that are not limited by a specific period, PAM three months notification period after receiving notice of the ‘end of contract’ if he/she receives monthly salary.

Other types of employees should also abide by the contract for one month or pay for the period, according to items (a) and (b) of Article 44 of Labor Law No. 6/2016 of private sector, it added.

Meanwhile, the employee should be able to prove to the Labor Relations Department in case the employer refuses to accept the financial substitute in compensation for the notification period, indicating the transfer will be approved then, and it’s up to the employer to seek judicial redress.

Regarding work permit transfer disputes, the employee is conditioned by PAM to attend investigation sessions in person and or accompanied by a lawyer.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. Jawahar Ali says:

    I am currently working Oil and gas sector KOC (Project visa) with private sector recently I got job direct hire KNPC, my current Employer ready give release as per the Kuwait law possible will transfer??? Advise me.

  2. No…you can change within same sponsor.

  3. Not possible…you can change within the same sponsor.

  4. As you know your visa is under project file hence you required project end letter that means your current project need to finished then you will be able to transfer. Still you need to pay 300 kd transfer fees and check 10 kd so total 310 and some company are taking money for work permit as well…as per new policy tahaweel (transfer) work permit cost you 50 kd it was 10 kd before.

  5. ساجد محمد it's depend it's project visa or main file..

  6. Sir my visa was 18 factory … Can I able to trancefor company….. Plzzzz reply me

  7. hello all, article number 20 is not possible to transfer at present stage as per new policy…20 visa can transfer if your current employer own the company it means with same sponsor only…..article 22 visa is transferable but you must be university graduate (bachelor degree in any discipline)…


  8. It's gonna transfer article 20 to article 18???

  9. Sir i need help..kindly remind the readers of ur articles to read the "Legal Clinic" section of arab times..there they can find a lot of informations regarding visa transfer,visa 18,visa 22,notice period,indemnity,leave..etc etc..

  10. Is mazra(ghanam) visa transferable to Sherikah?

  11. Hans Erual says:

    Sir I'm 22 visa and i just want to ask you how many months before i can work here in kuwait and how many months also if i want to change 18 visa

  12. any one here give me a reply can i change 20 to 18 and what is the procedure

  13. Respected sir my visa is 20 can i changeit to 18

  14. Sir I'm 18 visa and I submit my resignation last March 12.but my employer did not sign he said I need to wait 3 after finish 3 months can i leave my work even without permission?

  15. Plzzz sir i hve 18 mazra visa can i transfer into 18 shirka??

  16. Sir I need help I am visa no 18 but my visa government project allredy 10year working but transfer visa private sector

  17. u caceled traveld from India and make new make new visa easily.

  18. Sir i need help
    I am visa no 18 but my visa project
    I want to go priversecktar what to do? Plz help me alresdy 4 yesr finish in kuwat

  19. Razib Gazi says:

    This also alow 20 to 18 visa

  20. this also alow 20 visa to 18 visa

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