Spike in eve-teasing could lead to kidnap, rape, parents says in Kuwait

July 16, 20170 Comments

The loitering of youths and the harassment of girls are phenomena that have been bothering families in shopping malls and commercial complexes especially during the summer season.

Parents and guardians are calling for the need to increase security presence in these places in order to eradicate these negative phenomena. They indicated that such negative phenomena represent a warning of possible serious crimes such as rape that could occur if abusive youths are not deterred from their actions.

The parents and guardians stressed the need to activate the roles of schools, families and mosques in protecting children from such behaviors. They lamented that girls and women often face harassment in these places by youths. They explained that the actions of some of these youths are because they take drugs that affect their brains and leave them in a state whereby they are unable to control their actions.

In addition, lack of directing the leisure time of youths for useful purposes plays a significant role in pushing the youths into doing wrong things especially with the shortage of places for boys to meet.

Others said families are responsible for controlling their children especially teenagers as most of the behaviors are acquired through their friends circle. In addition, Sheikh Saleh Al- Ghanim called for the need to teach children Islamic teachings that prevent them from carrying out immoral acts.

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies
Source : Arabtimes

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