Kuwait confirmed the death sentence for rapist policeman

February 16, 20150

hanged-on-25thA Kuwaiti appeals court has upheld the death sentence for a policeman convicted of abducting, raping and attempting to murder a Filipina woman, according to local media. The ordeal began when the traffic cop stopped a taxi transporting two Filipina women and discovered one of them had an expired residency visa, the court heard, according to Kuwait Times.

He ordered the woman into his police vehicle, claiming he would take her to the police station but instead drove to a secluded yard in Mishref. He took off his clothes and ordered her to do the same, the court was told. The woman refused and begged him to take her to the police station or the Filipino embassy but the policeman stabbed her in the neck and raped her.

He left her for dead in a pool of blood but later returned and stabbed her several more times in the neck, chest and back. He then dragged and hid her body behind a mound of sand, hoping she would become prey for stray dogs, the court ruled. The woman managed to crawl to a nearby road, where a passer-by took her to hospital.

The victim and the taxi driver later identified the policeman in a lineup. He initially denied detaining her but later claimed insanity. A psychiatric assessment found he was sane and responsible for his actions. He was sentenced to death in a lower court in June. He can still appeal to the supreme court, Kuwait Times said.

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