New smart electricity meters in Kuwait

February 16, 20156 Comments

smart-metersLaunch of the smart meters testing in several facilities prior to installing them in many buildings and properties. He revealed that the testing period of these meters will last for three months and the situation will be evaluated before issuing a tender for importing large number of the meters. Al-Hajri explained that these meters will provide consumers with the option of using either the prepaid system or the normal postpaid system. The prepaid system will allow the consumers to make prior payments for the quantity of electricity they require. He added that the installation of these meters will provide the sector with accurate information annually about the load and dues.

Source : Arabtimes


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  1. another money making racket

  2. Dear Kuwait – Welcome to the Smart Meter Fraud. You are about to be ripped off by a BILLION dollar boondoggle that will radiate your people in a mesh surveillance network. Congratulations.

  3. Jabez Eric says:

    What's funny and new is kuwait is just starting to realize the need for electricity conservation. Most of them still have no idea about why the globe is warming. They pay around $5 bn for electricity costs for a year and the common man pay less than 30 cents for a unit whereas the govt pays the remaining 98%… Now all this won't or cannot happen in the USA… some one woke up a few days back and thought they should track this space… And this is the most interesting part of this news. 🙂

  4. This is really funny. What's new about them. These are installed all over the USA. Nothing intresting about this news.

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