I was just a ATM Machine

December 15, 201415 Comments

helpless_500I knew working abroad wasn’t an easy task, but still I had made up my mind. Once I reached here, I only thought when I will go back and hold my family in my arms. Day by day minute by minute I was so scared but I believed in me.  Whatever I learned wasn’t enough because my family knew I’m abroad. Every month they had new wishes and dreams. They never thought about my feelings. I live my life here like a miser. Saving every fils for my beloved family. Every Night I had only dreams. When will I be back to hold my family. Every time I call them I just tell them what I felt I just get to hear the same old dialogue few months more and everything will be alright you are only our hope so don’t try to come back. Days became months, months became years & then finally the day had come for me to return. When I reached my homeland

I was the happiest person I realized. When I saw my family I just started crying. When I reached home everyones eyes were on my luggage, they just wanted to know what gifts/things I had brought for them. As everything got distributed to them soon. They just hugged me and said thanks!

I was treated like a king (queen) What else would I want…this was my dream. After few days everyone started asking me when will I go back? As if I was a guest. I realized I was just an Atm machine for them or a magic lamp. They just started acting very strange with me as if I had ruined their dreams. Again I though I must go back because they don’t need to know what I felt & feel. Every time I went back it was the same story. Now abroad is my real home,my friends are colleague are like my family. When I visited my family I just felt when will I go back.

Written by Shaheen Sayyed
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  1. The one who works abroad DOESN'T SHARE the life of his/her family. He/she isn't more participant of their life. The family ties gets weaker and weaker. This is the cause of becoming ATM machine.

  2. This country has given us every thing. God bless this country.

  3. Aziz Khan says:

    Yes indeed! The above expressed feeling's are truly . This is our home

  4. Very touching. …the writer seems really hurt…god bless him

  5. Unfortunately your report is absolutely true.But thanks to this country,Kuwait,that keeps us able to be ATM machines.The problem is actually with our homeland.If it had been well and respectful,we wouldn't have been obliged to leave it and seek appropriate life elsewhere.If you were in my shoes,would you bless or curse your own homeland.

  6. Evry month no money left in our pocket just a remittance receipt. We should learned are lessons well. .. We save for ourselves. .. remember we're not robot… we don't have spare parts to replace when we're Mal functioning.

  7. We worried about their future. They're also doing the same. …

  8. every person do hard work for his beloveds if you have negative shits abouts your family so leave them alone and live aim less life

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