Video – Kuwaiti officer beaten by 20 men , Kuwait

December 14, 201419 Comments

More than 20 men assaulted a Kuwaiti traffic officer and beat him up before stealing his gun and radio after he tried to stop a noisy wedding motorcade in the Gulf emirate. The officer was on a routine patrol when he saw the honking cars blocking the way and men dancing on the road.

“When he tried to stop them, more than 20 men attacked him…they hit him and stole his radio and gun, which they used to fire in the air for the wedding,” Al Watan daily said, adding that the men fled the area while the cop was rushed to hospital with injuries.

Source : Emirates 24/7

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  1. If this can happened with a police officer what about the expats

  2. Aly Adyl says:

    I think the beating was for the attitude he had…

  3. Lol.. deport them.. oh wait.. they were locals :p

  4. Kuwaiti people always think they above the law and they can do whatever they want anytime anywhere

  5. If I were him I swear I would just pull up my gun and start shooting … self defence …

  6. Just a lesson to learn before ingaging the crowed must have assistant on hand.

  7. The law should be for all.

  8. Mga bugok ba kayo? KASAL YUN PIPIGILAN MO? BUGOK

  9. This is too bad , an officer get beatin just doing hes job!? What kind of people do that? Tsk tsk 🙁

  10. Nizami Naz says:

    Pity.. he must call for assistant 1st.. u know ur people… anyhow I appreciate him, he tried to do his duty..

  11. See what drugs can do?

  12. Maria Ali says:

    This is just to show how the citizens of this country have no respect for nobody. They think they are above the law!!! Bunch of ILLITERATE"S

  13. Its amazing country which wild animals r domestic animals..gun s d home utensils. …maids r slaves…

  14. Omg…why you do beat the traffic police man.he just trying to stop the noises…Sir/ I hope you fell good now..not good what'they did that's a wrong way…

  15. Jithin Ssz says:

    Thats what happens when government gives all the comforts to these illiterates :/

  16. Kuwait government are good only this problem

  17. It shows how Stupid people can be

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