Tunisian and Egyptians girls kidnapped and raped, guys arrested.

February 27, 20165 Comments

As per ArabtimesPolice have arrested two Kuwaiti brothers – both teenagers – for harassing and raping three children during 2014 and 2015 and handed them over to the Juvenile Prosecution, reports Al-Rai daily.

A security source told the daily the first incident was recorded in 2014 when the Egyptian parents filed a report accusing an unidentified person of kidnapping and molesting their daughter who was playing in the building compound where they live.

The second similar complaint involved a Tunisian girl and the third an Egyptian child. Both these incidents were recorded in 2015.

A security source said these three incidents forced the Ahmadi police to form a special force to arrest the suspects upon directives issued by the Assistant Director-General of Criminal Investigation of the Ahmadi Governorate Brigadier Mohammad Al-Sharhan.

Source : Arabtimes


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  1. thy must be stoned to death.. what if those girls were thr sisters and someone else does this.. will thy keep quiet.. Allah is watching .. he will judge and punish them…

  2. Pieces of shit. It's to bad they are locals. I would cut off their dicks in public.

  3. I agree with u. Mr.sajid mahammed. If somebody(expats) ask any question with police they will not give answer and getting shouting also

  4. They wont be hanged law is only for expats

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