The taxi driver and five women arrested by police

August 10, 20160 Comments

Acting Director General of Public Relations and Security Media Brigadier Abdullah Al-Hajeri said the Domestic Labor Department keenly follows up complaints related to internet fraud

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whereby agencies operating on social media deceive and force individuals into domestic labor after promising them luxurious jobs in the country.

In a statement, Brigadier Al-Hajeri added the concerned officials have arrested six individuals from different nationalities, including a Bangladeshi taxi driver and five women from South Africa, Gambia and Senegal respectively for running a bogus domestic agency and trafficking in people.

All five women, including two Gambians, are on domestic visas. The first Gambian suspect is banned from traveling on account of various offenses and the other suspect is working in a house, while the Senegalese has no official document, statement added.

Source : Arabtimes

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