Tank Drifting by Kuwait’s Crew

August 5, 20151 Comment


During a practice run ahead of Tank Biathlon 2015, taking place in Russia for the third time, a Kuwaiti crew piloting a T-72 could not handle the momentum and sent their steel giant into an uncontrollable drift ending in a spectacular flip, which was caught on video.

While preparing for a breathtaking spectacle at the international competition in Russia, the Kuwaiti soldiers hit the acceleration on their 41-ton armored giant a little too hard before a sharp turn. Trying to drift the machine sideways, to the surprise of onlookers, they sent the tank flying in the air, rolling the machine onto its side before resting motionless.Untttitled

Source : RT

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  1. That was the Armenian crew not the Kuwaiti. The Russian TV had reported by mistake that it was the Kuwaitis while actually was the Armenians. They later announced that it was a mistake and it was the Armenian team who drifted the tank.

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