New recruitment system in Kuwait and UAE

November 30, 201420 Comments


The UAE and Kuwait have implemented the system on an experimental basis on construction and service workers recruited by the private sector while other GCC countries would apply it gradually by the end of 2015.
The ministers reached the agreement following a consultative meeting in Kuwait. They have also decided to establish a website to assess skills of workers recruited from the three countries.
“The UAE and Kuwait proposed to implement the project on an experimental basis in cooperation with governments of India, Pakistan and the Philippines,” an informed GCC source said.
As per the new system, selected workers for different jobs would be given certificates to prove that they are qualified to do the work for which they are recruited, the source said, adding that the tests would be conducted in a professional manner following international standards.

Source : ArabNews

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  1. Noor Ahmed says:


  2. Why Pakistan is involved in such high level discussions.

  3. Thats great!hope the salary is great also

  4. Certainly it's good system but the salaries should on the same basis as per int'l standards and considering local situation of high cost of living…..

  5. Agreed but my question is where will b this kuwaiti & Emarati fit in?

  6. All Job seekers will be looked upon…
    And they will be jobs fo everyone in other words many people will get jobs and will be hired

  7. Hard to believe. What about the bribes paid for jobs, through agencies who apparently share the money with employers?

  8. Its a rule on paper…wasta will continue…

  9. Qualified in international standard. salary must be international standard also.

  10. Wasta khalash
    Very good

  11. The best way to hire those skilled worker.

  12. Yeah it will eliminate under employment most especially we black people you undermine us yet different colors one people

  13. Tayyab Ali says:

    It will enhance the proficiency level

  14. It's good many people will get job

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